The 11 stages of studying for an exam

Midterm season is upon us and Joey Graceffa up there is doing a great job of describing how we feel about it.

But when it comes to school, there's no getting around the hours of studying, tests, projects, papers and the ever-dreaded group projects we all must endure in order to become smart and successful human beings. Stressing over grades is never fun, but at least we're all in the same boat (that boat may be weighed down with useless group members and many, many textbooks, but it's the same boat nevertheless), which means we all understand the 11 stages of studying for an exam.

1. I got this! A week to study?! That's all the time in the world! No need to worry about that huge chem test for a while...

2. Scared? Nah! I also have an algebra packet, short story due for English and *lots* of reading for social studies, but things are chill.

3. Wait… Maybe I should start to do things….

4. OK, I'm opening my notes for the first time! *stares at chem study guide* "I wonder if there's an episode of Cupcake Wars on?"

5. I need to do some work now. Wow, I definitely should have started studying before this.

6. I should ask Mom and Dad for help. This is what parents are for, right?

7. Get to work. Now that I understand what I'm doing, it's time to *really* hit the books.

8. "I've been studying for three weeks." –That smart boy in class. Can you slow it down, buddy?

9. Cue the panic. The day before: "I'm going to fail this exam! There's no way out! Help!"

10. Cram session begins. The night before: *screams internally* "WHO NEEDS TO KNOW THIS STUFF ANYWAY?"

11. Breathe in, breathe out. The day of: "I've studied all I can study, so now I've just gotta... "

How do *you* study for midterms? Are you drowning in work right now? Tell us about it in the comments.

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by Amy Garcia | 11/12/2016
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