Amazing gift ideas to show your teachers that you care

It's nearly halfway through the school year and *finally* winter break is about to begin! You’ve probably been scrambling to finish up your work while also getting your holiday shopping done. Sure, you know what you’re getting most of your family and friends but what about your teacher?

They do a lot of work for you and you see them practically every day, and, since it's the season of giving, there's no doubt that it would mean a lot to your teacher if you showed your appreciation for them with a present. So, here are a few fun gift ideas that won’t break the bank will *definitely* make your teacher smile.

Gift card

No matter who the present is for, you can never go wrong with a gift card. Just 10 or 15 dollars to Amazon or Starbucks is perfectly fine. You can even print out or make a cute gift card holder to give to them as well!


There is *nothing* better than a warm cup of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee on a cold winter day. Give your teacher a super cute mug with a fun quote to show them you care!

DIY Globes

For a more creative gift, this DIY globe would be an awesome decoration to put in a classroom. You can personalize it for your teacher and put your painting skills to the test! Click here to learn how to make one.

DIY Crayon Letter

Another great DIY that your teacher could hang on her classroom door. Click here for the simple instructions!

Supplies for their classroom

At the beginning of the year your classroom was probably fully stocked with school supplies, but now that the first semester is coming to an end those supplies are probably starting to dwindle. That means classroom tools and a cute tag featuring a clever pun would be a useful present.


Holiday  cookies are a festive gift idea that anyone will enjoy. Check out these 10 Christmas cookie recipes that we love!

Brownies in a jar 

For the girl who just doesn’t have the magic touch when it comes to baking, these mason jars are filled with ingredients for a yummy sweet treat your teacher can make themselves at any time. Here’s a recipe for making these fudge-y brownies in a jar.

Candy Sleigh

These candy sleighs are an adorable and will definitely let your teacher get creative. Plus, almost anyone likes the gift of chocolate! Here's the how to make one.


A peppermint, pine tree or sugar cookie scented candle is a simple gift that is super easy to find on your next holiday shopping spree.


If you want to give your teacher something they will keep for a long time, an ornament is the way to go. You can buy one or make one, but either way they will think of you when they hang it on the tree each holiday season. Click here to learn how to make a bunch of adorbs ornaments.


by Maddie Smith | 12/15/2016
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