You can now learn a new language using YouTube

If you love YouTubers GloZell Green and StacyPlays, or if you're dying to learn another language, then you will be all over this new series from YouTube.

YouTube's new #LearnALanguage campaign is giving you a fun new chance to learn another language—for free. Seriously, you can learn Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Mandarin, French, Arabic and Portuguese from now until Feb. 2 for no cost. Azevedo Studios even has a playlist of videos to teach you American Sign Language. Feeling extra adventurous? Try more than one. For a taste, press play on the Mandarin playlist below.

Hungry for more knowledge? GloZell Green is breaking into the educational vids, too, and making learning exciting with her brand new series, Icky Karaoke on YouTube Kids (or download the app here). In each episode, GloZell receives a box from a guest YouTuber that contains three mystery items, all connected by a specific theme. As the guest provides information about each of the objects, GloZell will have to touch, taste and smell them to reveal the mystery items. The best part of each video? Glozell sings a hilarious song at the end! It's honestly so funny.

YouTube gamer StacyPlays's Minecraft Field Trips will also teach you a thing on two: In it, you go on virtual field trips to learn more about the natural elements inside the world of Minecraft. Plants, wildlife, mining and the places that the Minecraft settings are based on are all explored in this fresh, interactive series that will take your natural knowledge to the next level. 

How many languages can you speak? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!


by Emily Cavanagh | 1/16/2017
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