This new way some students are paying for college is kind of genius

College is something many students dream of, but with the cost of tuition (not to mention all the other expenses), taking on the debt is a lot to deal with. However, students have discovered a new way to help cover common costs that include textbooks, tuition, housing and more: GoFundMe. Yes, students are crowdsourcing their expenses via the online fundraising website.

Student debt averages around $30,000 today and it's often hard for students to pay this money back. GoFundMe has offered an alternative to taking out student loans and also allows for students to explain why they need donations on their pages. From seniors who just need some help in their last semester to students who have lost financial aid and scholarships, GoFundMe is a place for everyone.

To spread your GoFundMe page and get the all the help you can, Bobby Whithorne, a spokesperson for the company, told the Chicago Tribune that sharing your campaign on social media is important because "there are members of the community, members of church, members of the alumni where you go to college, and they want to help."  

With over 130,000 GoFundMe campaigns nationwide that have raised over $60 million for student's school costs, it's no surprise that students have turned to fundraising sites for some help.

If you need help paying for college and want to start a GoFundMe page, click here

Have you ever started a GoFundMe campaign?  Would you start a GoFundMe campaign to help pay for college? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: Forbes.


by Cali Drouillard | 2/21/2017
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