This is the best way to stand up to your school bully

Did you know that, according to DoSomething.Org, over 3.2 million students are bullied each year? On top of this, 160,000 teens skip school every day due to bullying. While work has been done to make school a safe environment, students still experience bullying on a daily basis. 

Facing bullies day in and day out is exhausting and distracting, making learning the last thing on a victim's mind. After all, how can you focus on algebraic equations with people whispering about you in the back row? Here are some safe and productive ways to deal with a bully.

Stand up for yourself 
It's as simple as looking your bully in the eye and saying, "This is not OK." Too often, victims of bullying feel pressured into smiling through the pain or ignoring the hurtful comments, but that burden shouldn't be on your shoulders. 

Know your true friends 
Surround yourself with positive people. While cutting off friends is tough, staying friends with someone who bullies you or others isn't healthy. Stay close to friends who are kind to others—they're the good influences! If you find yourself without a true friend, join a club that you enjoy. It's a sure way to make friendships that you deserve. 

Focus on school 
Another piece of advice that is important to remember is to concentrate on your schooling. You are in school for a reason, and that is to get an education. Try not to let your bully enter your thoughts while you're studying and really focus on school. It will not only help you escape the bullying, but it will improve your future!

Be true to yourself 
Insults may be painful, but they shouldn't make you change yourself. Authenticity is beautiful, and changing who you are will only give bullies more ammo. Never feel bad for doing things you enjoy—they're what make you, you. Staying true to yourself is a sure-fire way to get far in life! 

Seek help 
Check your school's handbook for bullying policies and resources. Ask a trusted adult like a teacher, counselor or coach what you should do when you're being bullied. As hard as it is to tell an adult what you're going through, it's one of the best ways to make a change. If you're not comfortable speaking with someone in person, call 800-273-8255 or text DS to 741-741. Remember: School staff members are trained to deal with bullying. If an adult dismisses your claims, take your concerns to someone else. Never be ashamed to ask for help. 

Want more info? Check out these bullying resources and statistics. 

Have you ever dealt with a bully? How did you stand up to them? Share your experiences with us in the comments! 

by Kaila L. | 9/4/2019