10 gifs that *perfectly* describe that almost-the-end-of-the-school-year feeling

It's that time of the year, girls. You know the one we mean—the weather is warm and it's *almost* time to shut your school books...but you're just not quite there yet. Well, these gifs perfectly emualte that feel.

When you notice that you only have a few weeks left until freedom

But you realize have mountains of work to finish before 

When you think about all of the Netflix you're going to fall behind on watching while studying

Trying to finish your last few assignments

Getting mad at yourself for procrastinating

When someone asks you how studying is going

What you really want to do with that textbook

But then the last day finally comes and you're done

When your mom tells you to do something afterwards 

But all you plan on doing is celebrating the summer with your BFFs 

Are you excited for the end of the school year? What are you summer plans? Sound off below!

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Photo credit: Giphy

by Shiran Zecharya | 4/20/2017
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