The perfect end-of-the-year prezzies to gift your teachers

It’s finally the end of the school year (*hooray*)! But now that everything is nearly over and done with, it’s time to organize and plan your farewells—and some gifts for your teachers. They work so hard all year round, and giving them a gift will really show how much you appreciate them. Read on for helpful present ideas that you can purchase or DIY before your last day of school!

School supply cake
Buying your teacher a bunch of school supplies for the next school year will definitely make their day. You’ll be saving them a lot of time and money and they’ll be so grateful for that. You can split the cost up with your classmates and follow this easy tutorial—just click here.

Lilly Pulitzer sunglass case, $40
Your teacher is probably just as excited as you are for summer, so why not get them this summer essential? The pattern is adorable and we guarantee you that they’ll get lots of good use out of this. While you’re shopping around, maybe even pick one up for yourself! We can’t get enough of them.

Classroom decorations
By hand-making your teachers some pretty décor for their classroom, their workspace will look so much nicer. Plus, they will be so happy to have student work hanging on their walls.

Personalized picture frame, $20
Take a class picture and pop it in a personalized frame with your teacher’s name on it. This is something they can keep in their classroom for a long time, and whenever they look at it they’ll remember all of the memories you made that school year.

Gift card bouquet
Team up with your classmates and get a good amount of gift cards to places that you know your teacher likes. Whether it’s a restaurant, spa or boutique, they will for sure appreciate it—and they deserve it, of course!

Coffee mug, $16
Most of us have those coffee-addicted teachers. Spruce up their coffee mug collection by giving them one from you! This one is *really* cute.

Personalized school tote, $17
Upgrade your teacher’s school bag and get them one that’s specially made for them! They will love the gesture and use it for years to come. Design it however you want—they’ll love it no matter what.

Just say "thank you"
At the end of the day, just a simple thank you card will make your teacher feel so accomplished and loved. After all of their hard work throughout the year, your gratitude will make their end of the school year hype 100x stronger.

Are you going to get ‘thank you gifts’ for your teachers? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 5/18/2017
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