Don't forget to do these 5 things before your next exam

Saying that finals season is stressful is a *serious* understatement. If you’re a procrastinator who waited until the last minute to study or you just stayed up late going over your flash cards a few more times (although, that's a *big* no-no), this guide is the helping hand you need to get you out the door, through the day and end the school year with an A.

Pick out your outfit.
An outfit is the last thing you want to spend time fussing over in the morning. Check the weather and lay out an outfit before you go to sleep so everything is there and ready for you when you wake up.

Pre-pack your lunch.
During one of your study breaks, make your lunch and assemble it in your lunchbox or so that all you have to do in the AM is grab it on your way out the door.

And your brekkie.
If you think you’re not going to have time to make breakfast in the morning, try this overnight oats recipe. Wake up in the morning, grab a spoon and your oats jar from the fridge, and you can eat breakfast on your way to school. Smoothies are a great for exam days, too.

Make a to-do list.
Create a to-do list before going to sleep. Sometimes when we’re stressed, we either forget things we have to do or we think we have more time than we really do to accomplish them. Make it easy on yourself by writing a quick to-do list so you can peep at it when you feel you’re forgetting something.

Do: bun, mascara, gloss.
If you’re someone who hates to leave the house looking like you just rolled out of bed, this is perfect for you. Throw your hair into a messy bun and pull out some strands to frame your face. Brush on some mascara and lightly swipe on some lip gloss or balm. You'll feel refreshed in just a few minutes!

How do you prep for your exams? Share your finals secrets with us in the comments!

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by Shilpa Raj | 5/29/2017
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