5 things to do with your notebooks and papers at the end of the school year

It can be tempting after a long school year to toss your old papers and school books into the garbage, but what if there were better and more fulfilling ways to ditch your notes that could yield you time, money and brownie-points?

1. Save the important/still relevant stuff
Before disposing of anything, go through your binders for anything that could be helpful down the line like class notes from Spanish or Algebra.

2. Sell or donate your (lightly used) books and textbooks
Don’t let old books collect dust; sell them to someone who needs them! Used books can be sold online (with an adult's help) on Ebay or Amazon. You can even give them to your school to be used as classroom copies.

3. When in doubt, donate them
Ask your teachers if your school accepts donations on behalf of certain charities or drop them off at the nearest Goodwill.

4. Gift your notes to younger siblings/friends
Don't toss those study guides you spent *hours* crafting! Give them a second life my handing them down to your younger sibling/friend to help them ace the course. Be careful to remove any tests from your notebook to avoid any academic dishonesty.

5. Throw a "Notebook Bonfire"
Now is the time to get together with your besties and celebrate the end of another school year, right? Kill two birds with one stone by having a Notebook Bonfire where you, well, burn all your unwanted notes and notebooks. Recruit an adult to supervise and watch your old tests, quizzes and notes disappear. Happy summer!

What do *you* do with your old notebooks and papers? Sound off below!


by Clarissa Latman | 6/12/2018