3 things to do this summer that will make your next school year *amazing*

Between grades, crushes and mean girls, school can be pretty tough. Summer's a great time to take your mind off of it all and recharge your batteries so you're ready to tackle the next school year head on. Between pool parties and lazy days at the beach, here are a few super easy things you can do to refocus yourself this summer.

Give yourself a makeover.
Everyone needs a makeover every once in awhile. If you're feeling bored with your look, try something new! Dye your hair—a pop of color can go a long way. Look up some makeup tutorials and have fun. You can even revamp your wellness routine. Pick a fun workout and get ready to show everyone up in gym class come fall!

Start a journal.
Have you ever made a decision without really knowing why? You are not the only one. It is important to know why you do things to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. A journal is a *great* way to get in touch with yourself. Yes, it sounds cheesy, but it helps to get your thoughts down on paper. It can go a long way in untangling those confusing things floating around in your head. 

Find your passion. 
What do you love to do? Summer is the perfect time to put aside what you can get a good grade in and find what you love to do without getting a grade. Whether it's writing, music, sports, or something even more unique—like knitting or vlogging—once you find it, don't look back. Try new things until you find *the* thing. 

What will you do this summer to rule the school this fall? Share below!


by Natalie Bland | 7/4/2017
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