5 must-watch throwback-to-school movies

It's time to face the music: back-to-school season is here. *Cue the ughs.* Don't fret, though. Instead, pump yourself up by watching these five funny and inspiring back-to-school flicks.

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    Mean Girls 

    If some odd and suspicious circumstances have somehow prevented you from seeing this movie and you stumble upon a copy of it, then you *must* watch it for the first (or, if you’re like me, the hundredth) time. This movie is filled with backhanded compliments, every shade of pink, a cute guy who's decent at math, endless drama and actual fights… aka everything you love about high school! Also, Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams are perfect. That’s all.

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    The Breakfast Club 

    This 80s classic both highlights and demolishes high school stereotypes. A jock, a nerd, a rebel, a freak and a popular girl all find themselves stuck in detention one Saturday, and they realize that they all suffer from the same crushing pressure: to be who everyone else thinks they are. As you start another school year, possibly in a different place surrounded by new people, try to remember that being yourself, though difficult, is extremely powerful. 

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    High School Musical

    I simply had to include this movie in this list. It has everything you need in a back-to-school flick: moving into a new town, going to a new school, meeting new people, singing, dancing, facing your fears—and that’s just the beginning! Like The Breakfast Club, this movie proves that being yourself is totally worth it in the end. It’s also a really fun movie to watch with friends, especially ones who know the lyrics to all of the songs (like you!). 

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    Akeelah and the Bee

    The premise of this movie is pretty straightforward: Akeelah, played notably by a young Keke Palmer, is an amazing speller. She trains, works hard, makes new friends and fosters a friendship with her brilliant mentor, but also deals with a challenging relationship with her mother. She’s also only 11. Watch this movie if you need some inspiration or advice on how to get over your fears as you head into another school year. If Akeelah can do it, so can you.

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    Ferris Bueller's Day Off 

    OK, so the main characters are not *technically* in school for most of the movie (hence the “day off”), but they are still high schoolers who prove that being young and having endless roads ahead of you is powerful. This movie simultaneously shows the importance in seizing the present moment while also looking toward the future. If you are happy in school, keep enjoying this portion of your life, but if you have been having a rough time, know that there is still so much more ahead of you.

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by Frannie Rooney | 8/27/2017
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