Summer social: How to befriend your classmates outside of school

It’s summer—you want a friend to join you for poolside sunbathing and ice cream excursions. And you know someone from school who’d be the perfect candidate. But how do you ask that kid from your class to hang out with you? And what if she says no?

Stop stressing. She’s probably wondering the same thing about you! And maybe she’s just as nervous. If you guys hit it off in geometry, there’s no harm in asking her to come over and chill sometime, or to join you and your dad at a baseball game. Maybe she can even bring her dad along, too!

Hit her up. Saying something like: "Hey, we always got along really well in class. You want to come over and go swimming? We can finally talk about something other than Ms. Witherberry’s ridiculously hard math tests!" You may be nervous extending an invitation, but if you pick something that you know you’ll both enjoy doing, that’ll totally get rid of some of the butterflies in your stomach.

Pick an activity. Find out what she likes to do. If she’s into crafts, you can set up a tie dye station at home, or get some string and beads for jewelry. And if she enjoys camping, maybe your mom will let you invite her over for a little slumber party under the stars. Whatever it is, get creative with it! This is a chance for you two to bond away from the confines of lit analyses and science experiments.

Are you friends with any of your classmates outside of school? How did you bridge the gap from classroom to chilling? Let us know below!

by Maggie Medoff | 7/5/2018
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