These YouTubers are ready for Y-O-U to head back to class

It's back to school season, and while most celebs are too busy filming blockbusters or jamming out on tours, YouTube celebs are right there with you either heading BTS themselves or dishing out amazing vids to get you through the school year, just like the ones below.

If you want to go BTS in (YouTube) style, press play on these vids for major fashion inspo, useful advice and even pranks!


Tiffany is dishing major BTS realness with this vid by busting all the lies that you, your teachers and your classmates tell during the school year.


Alisha just gets us. This video on school dress code violations is beyond relatable. Whether you have to wear a uniform or your school is crawling with strict teachers, you'll be laughing out loud at this. 

Niki and Gabi

As much as we love the highlights of BTS, hitting the halls also comes with some serious problems, like bullying.


Mia's just so adorable we can hardly stand it! Hauls? Check! Expectations v. reality? Check! Lookbooks? Check! After watching this video, you'll want to binge the rest of her channel.


Whether you're a crafting queen or need some serious help in the DIY department, Lauren's got your back. From simple notebooks to revamping last year's backpack, she'll make sure you stand out this year.


Um, what's not to love about Remi? She's organized, can DIY her own clothes, can cook up a storm—and we are just loving her BTS lookbook! She and her friends are promoting #bodypos and they've never looked so glam.


Ashley is Alisha's older sister who started a BTS series of her own and kicked it off with this school supplies haul and amazing hair how-tos. Love!

Photo credit: Remi Ashten


by Aly Prouty | 8/8/2017
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