The ultimate BTS to-do list *every* girl needs (plus how to make your own!)

The countdown to the first day of school has begun—and while you might already be starting your transition from beach towel to bio class, you don't have to say goodbye to summer *quite* yet. In fact, there's probably a lot you still have to (or should) do before the first bell rings. Bring on the ultimate end-of-summer bucket list...


To help you make the most of your last month and get all set for school, follow the video below to DIY your very own chalkboard list (using Duck Brand chalkboard tape!) that's not only super cute, but also super motivating. Then read on for our carefully curated BTS to-do list—use some of our suggestions plus add some of your own, then hang your list somewhere visible for a daily reminder.  

Consider adding these BTS bullet points to *your* list...  

1. Throw a blowout bash.
Whether it's a pool party or a backyard BBQ, take advantage of what's left of the warm weather and invite your crew over for one last hoorah. Plus it's the perfect opp to reconnect with that cutie from homeroom last year...

2. Set goals.
Think about everything you want to accomplish this school year and write them down in a notebook or on a sheet of paper you can hang on your bulletin board. Remember to make them "S.M.A.R.T."—that means specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented and time-bound. Aka instead of deciding you're just going to read more, say you'll read one new book every two weeks.

3. Clean out your closet.
We're not talking about stashing away your sundresses (you can, after all, transition them to fall). But go through all of those cooler-weather clothes that you haven't looked at since, well, last year. Be honest and selective and toss whatever you don't wear anymore—the more you get rid of (aka donate to Goodwill or another charity), the more room you'll have for new fab finds.

4. Do a run-through.
Especially if you're starting out at a new school, you might be unsure of where you're supposed to be and when. To alleviate any anxiety, visit the school ahead of time and practice walking through your sched so you know exactly how to get from second to third period.

5. Spend some QT with the fam.
They might drive you crazy sometimes, but you secretly love them. And yes, you're going to miss waking up to Dad's famous bacon breakfasts and borrowing—ok, more like stealing—your older sister's crop tops when she's back at college. Enjoy your last few days together by taking a picnic to the local park, spending a day at the lake or just playing a rowdy game of badminton in the backyard.

6. Start your sleep sched.
Summer = staying up until 2 a.m. and then sleeping until noon. But that isn't going to fly when September rolls around. To avoid first-day fatigue, start gradually hitting the hay earlier (and getting up earlier) the week before school starts so your bod can adjust to the new routine.

7. Tie up loose ends.
Those half-finished Pinterest crafts you started back in June? The stack of books you swore you'd read this summer? You still have some time left, so make it a goal to finish all the things you wanted to accomplish over break—because you know you won't have time for them when you're back in school. 

8. Meet your teachers.
One cause of your BTS jitters: worrying about your new instructors. Will they like you? Will they be strict? Will they give you a pop quiz on the first day?! Nix those nerves by introducing yourself ahead of time—pop in to say hi while you're walking your sched or simply send an e-mail. Taking initiative and connecting before class will make a *fab* first impression.

9. Take a whole day for y-o-u.
Realizing that summer is almost over might put you into overdrive—you're stressed about everything you still want to do and nervous about the year ahead. Take a deep breath, girl. More than anything, your break is supposed to be just that: a break. Set aside one of your last days to just relax. Perfect your pedi, catch up on Netflix, read by the pool...whatever makes you happy.

10. Eat *all* of the ice cream.
When it's below freezing and snowing, digging into a cone of Ben & Jerry's won't be so tempting. Same goes for fro-yo, watermelon popsicles, Mom's homemade lemonade—enjoy all your fave seasonal treats while you can. 

What's on *your* back-to-school to-do list? Share in the comments below! 

by Amanda Tarlton | 8/19/2017
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