Five things to do before your first year of college

The college experience is certainly exciting, but it can also be extremely overwhelming. While we are sure any GL girl can handle the college stress, these five things will help you start off your college career strong and confident. 

1. Get a savings account and a debit card
Having an official savings account puts you in the habit of saving at a young age and will certainly come in handy when you're in a tight money situation. Also, get a debit card from a bank that is close to your campus. That way when you have banking troubles or need to withdraw money from the ATM, you don’t have far to go.

2. Get an internship/job related to your field of interest
Even if you're fresh out of high school, there are internships and jobs available for you. Ask your family and friends if they know of a great opportunity for you. This sets you apart from your competition when applying for internships and jobs both in college and after college.

3. Spend time getting to know yourself
College is filled with diverse people with different backgrounds, beliefs, values, habits, etc. So, spend time getting comfortable with who you are. That way when you get to college you're confident in who you are and you won’t feel the need try to act like everyone else.

4. Write out your college goals in pencil
Emphasis on the pencil because those goals may change. And that’s perfectly fine. It means you are growing and maturing as a woman. Nevertheless, writing out your goals for your first year of college helps you focus on doing your absolute best. You can write them out on a poster and hang it on your wall as morning motivation.

5. Create a good resume
When you enter the college realm, opportunities hit you left and right. You need to be ready for them. So, be ahead of the game and have a well formatted resume on hand. Get your school counselor or mom to help you get it exactly right.


by Joy Cato | 6/7/2018
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