Here’s why you should *love* your school uniform

School uniforms can sometimes feel like a cramp in your creativity—especially when your friends who go to other schools get to wear sweats! But there are a ton of secret benefits to rocking your school's dress code. Read on!

1. There's an instant camaraderie when you and all your schoolmates wear the same uniform. You may bump into a classmate in the mall, movies, etc. and have that instant recognition. Go, Lions/Vikings, whatever!

2. When that alarm starts buzzin' at 6 a.m., you can thank your school uniform for *at least* one snooze sesh. A set dress code=no time agonizing over what to wear.

3. We bet that having to wear a uniform has strengthened your hair and makeup game. When you can't express yourself via fashion, you can express yourself via beauty, right?!

4. Your parents may already have you on laundry duty, and if you are, your uniform makes that process a no-brainer. Have a clean shirt and skirt/pants? You're good to go!

5. Let's face it: Other people's clothes can make you feel jealous! When everyone's wearing the same thing at school, there's no fashion envy. 

6. This one's for the prankster girls! Ever do something a *tiny bit* against the rules at school? If a teacher only catches a glimpse of you, it's tough for him or her to identify the culprit. It's hard to tell who's who when the halls are all a sea of the same uniform!

7. Have a fashion emergency at school? Most schools with uniforms have a place where you can quickly swap out your blood-stained skirt or score a new pair of tights. 

8. OK, you're probably not sporting a blazer and plaid skirt outside of school, right? So if your normal go-to is leggings and a baggy sweatshirt, it's kind of nice to look polished Monday-Friday. 

9. Still love to shop for your own wardrobe? Your weekend clothes will feel super-fresh when you do get to rock them.

10. Three words: Dress. Down. Day. Most uniform schools have at least a few DDD's scheduled throughout the year, and when you're rockin' a uniform most of the time, the freedom to wear *your* clothes to school tastes even sweeter. 

Do you wear a school uniform? Tell us in the comments!


by Jacqueline F. | 9/3/2019