The *ultimate* roundup of planners, notebooks and journals you need this fall

Although school isn't always the most fun way to spend your day, a major bonus of back-to-school time is getting cute new school supplies! Having a backpack full of pretty notebooks and planners will make you feel productive *and* fashionable, and give you the confidence to rock this school year. Here are some of the best stationery finds for your supply shopping lists:

Lilly Pulitzer planners: $24-$35 

Keeping track of assignments, tests, after-school activities, and hangouts with your besties can be super overwhelming, and the best way to make sure you don't miss anything is to keep track of your commitments with a planner! Lilly Pulitzer sells agendas in three different sizes and a *ton* of cute patterns to choose from. Shop Lilly Pulitzer's planner options here. 

To-Do agenda: $25 

Setting daily or weekly to-do lists is a great way to make sure that you are achieving your goals (and helps you feel extra accomplished by being able to physically check off each thing you do!), and it helps to have an adorable notebook dedicated to keeping those lists. Luckily, Lilly Pulitzer has you covered with this fun floral book. Shop the to-do planner here. 

Mid-Year planner: $28 

If floral prints aren't your jam, you should definitely check out Papier's website! Their designs include fun jungle scenes and more simplistic geometric images, and what really makes them special is the fact that they sell what is known as "mid-year planners." These go from July 2020 through July 2021, so you can start using it now and continue throughout the school year and next summer, too! They are also customizable with your name and the year on the front cover. Shop Papier's mid-year planners here. 

Vera Bradley notebooks: $15 

One of the not-so-fun parts of school is having to take notes in class, but you might as well make it more exciting by picking a fancy notebook to write in. Ditch the solid colored spiral notebooks for these Vera Bradley books, which include college-ruled paper and a pocket on the inside cover to store papers. There are also a few design options, so you can pick your fave colors and come to class in style! Shop the pocket notebook here. 

Customized notebooks: $16 

The erincondren website allows you to completely customize your own notebook, from the coil color to the paper style (wide ruled, college ruled, grid, or blank paper) so that you can create your ultimate notetaking book. The covers are totally adorable, and they are interchangeable so you can switch them out if you get bored with the one you choose. Shop erincondren planners here. 

Note cube: $16 

This is perfect for your desk or to bring with you to class: it includes a bunch of small notecards and a pen so that you can jot down quick ideas for group activities or little notes and reminders for yourself throughout the day. Shop Vera Bradley note cubes here. 

Charging notebook: $52

This may be a more expensive notebook, but it also comes with a super cool feature: there is a mobile charger built right into it! You can charge various phones with it, including iPhones 8 and up as well as Samsung, Pixel, and LG phones. There are 60 pages in the notebook that can be changed out for fresh sheets when filled and a cute pale pink cover. This is definitely a must-have for all you tech-savvy GL girls! Shop the charging notebook here. 

Clever Fox planner: $25 

For anyone who loves to be creative when decorating their daily planners, Clever Fox is the brand for you! These planners come in 10 bright colors and include fun stickers to help set goals for the week and schedule your time. These planners claim to help boost your productivity and encourage you to organize your life, which we *all* need a little help with every now and again. Shop Clever Fox planners here. 

Life Planner: $30 

The Savor planner focuses on helping users practice self-care every day, and is a great way to ensure that you take designated time out of your crazy busy days to relax and take care of your mental and emotional health. In addition to spaces where you can fill your daily assignments and activities, there are worksheets called "thought starters" inserted into the planners to help you reflect on your sleep patterns, mental state, and general well-being throughout the week. These planners can help you feel more at peace and accomplished as you take on the school year. Shop Savor planners here. 

What BTS products are you looking forward to snagging this year? Tag us @girlslifemag with your school supplies haul! 

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by Lexi Casazza | 8/4/2020