Struggling with online school? Here’s how to turn it around before finals

A lot has changed this year, including the way that most of us are going to school! We can all agree that virtual classes aren’t the same as in-person, and you definitely aren’t alone if you are struggling more than normal to keep up with your classes this semester. With finals season approaching, you may be freaking out about how to get through it. Luckily, it isn’t too late to turn your grades around and end the semester on a strong note! Here are a few great ways to up your school game in the next few weeks.

Reach out to your teachers 

Send a quick email to your teachers being honest with them about your struggles. Ask them for feedback and see if they have any specific ideas of how you can improve with the last few projects and exams. Remember that they are there to help you, and will appreciate you showing a desire to end their class strong! 

Set up a virtual study group 

Do you have a friend or two in your class? Ask them to join you in a FaceTime study session a few days before your final. You can talk through the material together and make sure you are all as prepared as possible. Better yet, your friends can help you stay focused on school during a time where *everything* is super distracting.

Limit screen time when you aren’t in class

It can be *super* tempting to scroll through TikTok while in an online class, but it makes absorbing the material basically impossible. If you are using a laptop for school, put your phone in a different place while in class and focus on taking detailed notes from the lecture. Only use your phone for social media or Netflix *after* you have finished your classes: it might be tough to hold yourself accountable, but it will be worth it! 

Look at online tutorials

Are you falling behind in one of your classes? Lucky for you, there are *so* many online resources designed to help you succeed. Whether you watch Youtube videos, play interactive games or take virtual practice tests, using online resources is a great way to reaffirm the skills and knowledge you gain while in class. 

Find a new study space

Taking classes from home is undeniably weird—especially when you’re used to sitting in a classroom all day. Now that school is online, it is *so* important to create a study environment that is conducive to learning from home. Regardless of where you choose to take your classes, try to keep your workspace separate from your living space. Separating the two will help you focus on school, rather than all of the distractions that come along with being at home.

Take care of yourself

Online school can be *super* draining. Now that you’re stuck sitting behind a screen all day, try to take some time to get outside and breathe fresh air. Keeping a regular sleep schedule, eating healthy foods and staying active are also ways to make sure you’re able to focus during these last few weeks of the semester. 

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by Lexi Casazza and Claire Hutto | 11/23/2020