5 cute planners to get you through the rest of the school year

It's no secret that this point of the school year can get a little, well, unorganized. From practices to tests to appointments, a busy girl like you needs a good planner to help manage stress and stay motivated for the rest of the semester.

We know it can be hard to find that perfect planner to fit your aesthetic (and school) needs, so we rounded up five of the cutest ones guaranteed to keep you on the right a fashionable manner.

If you love self-care...

The Savor Beauty Planner

Along with weekly agendas and monthly calendars, this planner also has a *huge* section to set self-care goals. You can personalize a 90-day plan with skin, meditation and detox goals, among others. If prioritizing your mental health was your 2021 New Year's resolution, this planner was made for you.

If you're super artistic...

The Happy Planner

This cheerful planner has neutral layouts that allow you to design a new color scheme each week – perfect for any artsy gal. It also includes colorful dividers with words of encouragment to keep going and keep setting goals. We can *totally* see why it's called the happy planner. 

If you want something simple...

The Rifle Paper Co. Strawberry Fields Planner

We understand that planners can get overwhelming if it has *too* much planning involved – from to-do lists to goal-setting to meal planning. In this planner, it purely has the monthly calendars with a couple of pages for note-taking. Simple, yet effective.

If you want something really detailed (and customized)...

The Erin Condren Life Planner

On the other hand, having a super detailed planner is what some girls want and *need* (totally get it). This "Life Planner" by Erin Condren truly is a life planner – it plans every aspect of your life. Huge bonus: the cover is completely customizable!

If you want a planner just for fun...

The Bloom Daily Planner

Yes, this planner *does* actually plan out your life with weekly agendas and monthly calendars, but it's also just as fun as it looks. The Bloom Daily Planner, which comes in multiple other styles, includes a cute pack of stickers and a cool magnetic bookmark. Planning has never been so fun.

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by Elise Jones | 3/8/2021