13 mini ways to worry less this midterm season

1. Get organized! Set goals, create a routine and don't be afraid to let people help you. 

2. Find things to look forward to. It could be a fun event, the weekend, seeing your friends, a school club or even just getting to use your *super* cute school supplies while you study.


3. Don't overload your schedule. Study what needs to be studied and give yourself some much-needed breaks.

4. Don't worry about your teachers. They're there to help you!

5. Find some friends to put together a study team and take turns making flashcards.

6. As hard as it is to get a bad grade, life goes on, and it won't feel like such a big deal forever. 

7. If you stress last minute, maybe make a plan to try and get things done ahead of time. That way, you have more time to get them done exactly how you want.

8. Try to designate time to look over and review each class every day (or at least on the days you have the class). Even just 10 minutes can go a long way, and it builds up over time. 

9. If you feel like you're worrying about nothing, try getting active or doing something to distract yourself and calm down.

10. On the opposite end, make sure to give yourself some time to do whatever you want each day.

11. Create a consistent sleep schedule that works for you, and try to stick to it!

12. At a certain point taking a break, stopping or getting some rest will be the most beneficial thing you can do. If you're studying for a test, do the best you can in the moment and be proud of yourself for that.

13. Try to detach yourself from your grades. Whether you do really well or not, don't let your grades define you. You're so much more than them!

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by Miriam Riley | 10/12/2021