Here's how to glow up your next class presentation

Research projects can be boring, but your PowerPoints don't have to be. We know that the middle-of-the-school-year slump is v. real, so now is the perfect time to spice up all things school. Here are a few ways to get *pumped* about your next class presentation—and make it one that your classmates and teachers will remember. And, just saying, your grades will probably thank you.

Find a cute template to match your topic

Slides Go

Whether you're working on a science fair project or a history report, websites like Slides Go and Slides Carnival have tons of cute themes to match your subject. The templates are easy to download and free to use—just follow the directions on the site and you'll have a fab slideshow in minutes.

Use transitions

The key to using transitions without making anyone motion sick? Only add them in when you're emphasizing something important or moving from one idea to another. Transitions like "Zoom In" and "Fade Out" are good to use if you want to stay professional while giving your slideshow a little oomf.

Involve your classmates

Asking the class fun trivia questions like "Which is older: a lobster or a dinosaur?" can help get them excited about your topic. Involving others in your presentation takes some of the pressure off of you (the more talking they do, the less you have to say!). Plus getting your classmates' fresh takes on a subject can lead to some interesting convos.  

Get a little silly

Learning is supposed to be fun- don't be afraid of showing a little humor when you present! A pun or two at the beginning of a presentation can help break the ice while introducing your topic. You only need two or three jokes to show that you're serious and srsly fun. (Here's an example: What's a snake's favorite subject? Hissssstory!)

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by Camille Duplechain | 2/25/2022