5 things to do for a study break (that aren't scrolling through TikTok)

FYI: Breaks are a must for a successful study sesh. In fact, experts recommend that you study for 25 minutes straight, followed by a 5-minute break, before hitting the books again.

During these short yet blissful breaks, it's easy to begin scrolling on your IG feed or flipping through your FYP. (Hey, we totally understand how hard it is to return to the books when you'd rather spend your time zoning out on social media!) But instead of pulling yourself out of a good study groove, try out any of these 5 things to do during your next study break (that aren't scrolling through TikTok). 

1. Tidy up


After a study session, take a moment to unwind and declutter your space. Whether it's as simple as brushing eraser bits off your desk, putting away folded laundry or vacuuming your carpet, mindless cleaning tasks will help your mind decompress. Plus, we all feel better and more productive in a clean room, so this hack will help motivate you to accomplish even more throughout the rest of the day.

2. Make some tea


Not only it is incredibly important to hydrate during a study sesh, but making tea can help you relax as well. The act itself is super calming: Choosing the tea you want, brewing it, adding in whatever you like, stirring and smelling its aroma and taking that first sip (it's so zen). Hint: Green tea is awesome for learning and memory—and tastes great with a dash of honey!

3. Visit a furry friend


Say goodbye to the books for a few minutes and say hello to that special furry friend in your life. Seeing your pup puts you in a good mood no matter what, and it's the perf endorphin boost to get you through a difficult homework assignment. You can pet your friend, take them outside to get some fresh air or give them a nice big hug before hitting the books. 

4. Stretch your legs

Your brow isn't the only thing tense during a tough study sesh. Take your study break as an opportunity to move your body a bit, wheater that means chilling out in a child's pose or taking a walk around your house to stretch the legs. 

5. Start an exclusive study break craft

Dedicating a craft exclusively for your study breaks is our newfound obsession. Pick a simple craft (like building a puzzle or crocheting a hat) and complete this craft *only* when you are on a study break. Just like tidying up, crafts such as coloring, knitting and vision-boarding are great mindless activities to help you relax. 

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by Cara Lamina and Kelly Schwint | 2/4/2022