So you put off your summer what?


Cue the Phineas and Ferb theme song—"There's 104 days of summer vacation, then school comes along just to end it." While we're still basking in the summer sun, there *is* school on the horizon—and the assignments that come with it. If you ~kinda sorta~ put off doing those math problems or reading that insufferable novel for English class and are currently experiencing a flurry of stress because of it, you've come to the right place. Let's get. things. done. Here's how:

1) Assess the sitch

You have work to do, that we know. But how much are we dealing with? What does our time constraint look like? Pull up your calendar and your math homework to put things in perspective. Take a deep breath, too. You've got this, girl. 

2) Make a plan

Our fave way to make sure assignments get completed is to make a plan. If you've got two weeks and 42 chapters to read, reading three chapters a day will do the trick. We love a division moment. Plus, limiting yourself to the decided amount will help you avoid the not-so-fun summer finale that is the 2 a.m. cram sesh. 

3) Stick to the schedule

This formula is fool-proof, but you have to stick to it. If you know you're spending Friday at the pool with the girls, do a few extra math problems on Thursday and Saturday to pick up the slack. You deserve *all* the extra summer moments, but don't sacrifice your stress levels to get them!

4) Celebrate

Yay! You got the work done. Celebrate your productivity with your fave summer treat, pls. 

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by Riley Yates | 8/16/2022