How to start bullet journaling this school year

It's that time of year again! You're packing your new backpack, shopping for the perfect first-day fit and texting your besties about how this year is going to be your year. But one part of the equation is the most important... organization

Bullet journaling is a top-tier way to keep all of your assignments organized this school year—and we have the ultimate guide to getting started. 

Step 1: Find the supplies 

Bullet journals are part planner and part reflection tool. They are completely customizable and super fun to create. The first step to this is finding the perfect supplies for you. 

Start by picking your journal. Many bullet journalers use grid-style dotted notebooks, but paper preference is up to you. When searching for your journal, make sure the cover is a color or fun pattern that reflects your vibe for the school year. You can also purchase a simple notebook and customize it to make it totally you. 

Next, gather your pens, pencils and markers. The more aesthetic the better when it comes to bullet journaling, and that includes your writing tools.

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Step 2: Set your sections

The next step in creating your perfect bullet journal is planning out your sections. Every bullet journal needs an index page and a key page. The index tells you where all of your sections live in your journal, and your key helps you remember the color coding system you create.

From there, it's all up to you! Try creating monthly event pages, mood trackers, habit trackers, assignment to-do pages, brain dump pages and pages for daily affirmations. Your bullet journal can help you track anything you want to achieve and express your creativity, so don't be afraid to try something new!


Step 3: Get creative

Here comes the fun part—decorating. Now that your pages are all laid out, you can finally start making it cute! Start with creating your color scheme (that's where those aesthetic pens you got come in). Decide which colors you want to stand for each key item. Maybe purple is to-do, green is taking walks and blue is spending time on your new hobby. 

After that, start drawing on your pages. Use a pencil to map out the design of your pages, then follow up with lots of color. Your bullet journal can be used as a creative outlet, so let your inner artist shine! 


Step 4: Make it a routine

The key to a successful bullet journal is routine. Add filling in your bullet journal to your nighttime routine to make sure you use it to its full potential. Your bullet journal can only help you slay this school year if you use it regularly. So get your journal ready, because this year is your year! 


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by Laine Napoli | 9/4/2022