How to get over the first-day-of-school jitters

Whether you're starting at a new school or just moving up to the next grade, the first day of classes can be nerve-wracking. But don't worry! We've got all the tips and tricks you need to have an ah-mazing first day.

Wear a fab fit

Step one: the outfit, ofc. The easiest way to feel confident on your first day is to put on a look that screams Y-O-U. Slip on your fave jeans, your comfiest sweatpants or whatever you feel best in and strut your stuff. Looking good on the outside can help you feel good on the inside, too.

Be prepared

It's time to enter your planner era, babe. Having all your school supplies prepped before classes start can help you feel in control of your first day. Fill out your planner with your schedule, make a table of contents in each of your notebooks and write your class names on your folders. A new school year is also the perfect excuse to snag those Midliner highlighters you've been eyeing.

Everyone gets nervous

Remember: everyone around you is just as nervous as you are! The first day of school is stressful for everybody, so you are totally not alone. AKA, other people are def too worried about their nerves to notice yours.

Fake it 'til you make it

You've probably heard this advice a million-and-a-half times, but that's because it really works! The best way to make it through day one is to act confident. Just imagine you're the lead on a Broadway stage (á la Lea Michele in Funny Girl), with all your adoring fans in the crowd cheering you on. If you pretend you're not nervous, eventually you'll see you had nothing to be worried about in the first place.

Good luck with your first day, babe! You've got this.

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by Aubrey Rhoadarmer | 8/17/2022