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Everybody's a critic! Here's how to deal


We love our fam and friends, but sometimes, they drive us up the wall with the not-so-sensitive things they say, oh, 24/7. Loved ones making you want to scream? Here’s how to deal with the criticism they dish out. All together now: Deep breath in. Let it out. Ahhh… Feelin’ better? We thought so.

Grandma asks you why you’re still single
What you want to say: “Gram, if you knew what kind of jerks went to my school, you’d understand why I was still single.”
What you should say: “Just haven’t found the right guy, Grandma, but you’ll be the first to know when I do!”
Why: Because she only wants the best for you, in that annoying, occasionally endearing way of hers.

Mom says you should really reconsider that second helping of spaghetti
What you want to say: “Yeah, and you should really reconsider that awful sweater, but hey, who am I to judge?”
What you should say: “Mom, how can I not have seconds?! It’s just so darn delicious.”
Why: If Mom thinks you’re eating too much, whether you are or not, that’s not a conversation you should have at the dinner table. Play nice—for now—and then ask her what she meant by that remark later when you two are alone. Tell her it hurt your feelings.

Your BF tells you he hates your new dress
What you want to say: “Well, I kind of hate your friends. Let’s just call it even.”
What you should say: “Really? I think the pattern is awesome.”
Why: What does he know about style, anyway? Just ‘cause your guy doesn’t dig your wardrobe—or something else about you—doesn’t mean you should ever change to make him happy.

Your bestie tells you she’s so happy you got an A+ on your essay…but she’s sure she could have done just as good, if she’d wanted to
What you want to say: “As if! You’d need a miracle to pull that one off.”
What you should say: “Yeah, I bet you could have.”
Why: Would it have killed her to be genuinely happy for you? No. But snapping back won’t do your friendship any favors, so bite back that retort, vent to Mom when you get home and forget about it.

What's the most annoying thing a close friend or family member has ever said to you? How do you deal?

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by Brittany Taylor | 11/29/2017
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