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5 ways to fall in love with yourself

We all have bad days and low moments. But the key to being an all-around happy girl? Learning how to be sweet to yourself, even when you stumble (or straight up nosedive). Here are five little ways to build your best-ever bond with you.

1. Stop comparing.

It's easy to think that everyone has some amazing life and you're just lagging behind. Resist the urge to see where you stack up, whether that means popularity-wise, BF stuff or your bod. You do you, girl.


2. Create a feel-better-fast routine.

What brings you a rush of joy? Yoga? Music? Writing? Collaging? Write down a few ideas, and then bust them out the next time you're feeling blah. And our no-fail advice? If you’re feeling extra down on yourself, turn on a girl power jam like Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” or Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.” They’ll get your hips moving and confidence bursting.

3. Get rid of stuff that's so not you.

Maybe you've been hanging onto some clothes that are just straight-up too small now. Or perhaps your dresser is filled with band t-shirts from way back. Or your walls are plasters with sayings that no longer speak to you. A little fall cleaning can help you eliminate stuff that no longer lines up with who you are. Donate what you can...but don't be afraid to create a box of "maybes." There are some things we're just not ready to part with (looking at you, camp t-shirt from five years ago) and that's OK.

4. Don’t assume the worst

Bringing more positive thoughts into your life can work wonders. So you didn't hear back from your crush right away. Instead of assuming the person's found a new love interest in the past 15 seconds, take a breather. Life doesn't always operate exactly how we think. Same goes for friends, jobs and school stuff. There's no sense in passing in a paper, and feeling like you failed. Give yourself some credit, and try to stay upbeat.

5. Make time for happy hobbies.

We can't stress how important it is to make time for the things that make you happy, no matter how obscure they seem (or how "bad" you are at them). Let's say you love to paint, even though everything comes out like the same blob (um...abstract art!). Keep the acrylics flowing.

There's so much pressure to be an all-star 24/7 that lots of us ditch the pursuits that bring us pleasure if we're not numero uno. Not anymore! Here's to singing off-key, missing four baskets in a row and managing to burn your avocado toast. As long as you're smiling and having fun (and not, you know, actually hurting yourself or others), we say go for it. 

Photo credit: Zendaya 


by Alexa Matthews | 2/1/2016