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3 easy ways to stay true to yourself

You know what's great about being an individual? Exactly that—that you're an *individual*. You have your own opinions, feelings, style, mannerisms, quirks and so much more. But just like you have your own opinions, so does everyone else. Because we're all human beings, it's easy to be affected by those opinions. It's possible to be so affected by them that we start molding and changing ourselves to please others so that they will accept us. 

If you're one of those people (you're not alone!) read on for three ways to live your life authentically and stay true to yourself.

Focus on the important stuff: You! You are important. In fact, you're the most important. Make yourself your priority and love yourself. Once you start focusing on what is important (your happiness, your health, your self-worth, etc.), other people's opinions of you will start becoming less and less relevant. 

Don't overthink: Spending time thinking about what someone else thinks of you is just wasting your own time that you could be using to do something else. Instead of thinking about what they like, think about what you like and make decisions based on that. Wear those funky shoes you like. Listen to that song you love even if everyone else hates it. Style your hair in whatever way makes you happy. In short: do you! 

Be positive and unique: Try to keep a positive outlook and develop a positive image of yourself. Being unique is a great thing. If someone doesn't like something about you, turn it around and tell yourself why it is a good thing. For example, if someone doesn't like your short hair, you can focus on the pros of short hair and why it's awesome, rather than the cons. 

In the end you can't please everyone, even celebrities have haters. Some people will love you and some will hate you, but that should not hinder who you are as a person, make yourself stand out. As long as you are happy, no one else has the power to change that. 

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Suess 

How do you live your most authentic life? Sound off in the comments below.

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by Aarti Sharma | 6/3/2019