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How to handle your BFF's differing political views

There's no denying it: This has been a pretty crazy year for politics. With the election in November, President Trump's inauguration in January and all of the policy debates, protests and changes since then, avoiding political conversations has been nearly impossible. But what happens if you and your bestie don't share the same opinions on these topics? And what if you're struggling to keep your friendship in tact because of it? We've got you covered with these four simple tips. 

Ask them questions. Listen when they explain their beliefs and respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Instead of getting hung up on the differences between your perspectives, remind yourself of the qualities that you love about her. 

Know each other’s limits. Especially if you’ve already gotten into one (or more) heated discussions about politics, recognize that it’s probably best to stay away from politically-charged conversations. It’s even OK to establish a “no talking politics” rule in order to avoid excessive arguing.

Agree to disagree. Don’t try to force your views on your friend. Chances are pretty high that they share the same distaste for your political opinions. While it’s important to have common interests with your friends, you don't need to be on the same page about everything. Keep in mind that you’ve probably had different life experiences that are sure to influence your beliefs and, just remember, sometimes it’s important to cherish these differences. After all, they’re what make all of us unique.

If you can’t refrain from saying something oppositional, say it respectfully. We’ve all been there. Sometimes, particularly when you feel strongly about a subject, you just can’t stand the thought of remaining silent. Speak your mind, just beware of your tone and steer clear of impulsive comments. 

How do you approach difficult conversations with people who don't share the same beliefs? Let us know in the comments.

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by Allie Burrows | 6/15/2017
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