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8 ways to be a "glass half-full" kind of gal

We’ve all been there: you made a bad grade on a test, you got in an argument with your sis or found out that guy you’ve been crushing on has a new GF. When nothing seems like it’s going right, it can be majorly hard to stay positive. Truth is, we all could benefit from a little positivity in our lives. Be the first to make the change with these quick tips! 

1. Take a deep breath
We often let ourselves get worked up over little things. Instead of stewing over it, take a deep breath and ask yourself: "Will this matter in a hour? Tomorrow? In a week?" Chances are, it won't, and you'll feel so much better if you just let it go instead of worrying.

2. Think about all sides of the sitch  
If there’s a certain issue that’s bumming you out, it’s so easy to get caught up in negative thoughts about it. But don’t sit around and let yourself get angrier. Instead, be realistic and put yourself on the other side of the situation, whatever it may be. For every negative thought, come up with one positive one. You’ll see that the positives will start to outweigh the negatives. 

3. Practice posi behavior
If you practice positivity, you’ll make huge strides in becoming a more actual positive person. Do you journal every night before bed? Instead of complaining about that mean girl in your Geometry class, write a page about all of the good things that happened that day. Blast songs that make you happy and have a dance party. Meditate or try out some relaxing yoga poses. If you make an effort, these good vibes will start to come naturally! 

4. Surround yourself with good people
This one’s a toughie. If your best gal pal is a total Negative Nancy, it’s hard to be positive when she’s constantly bringing you down. Tell your crew that you’re working on being a more positive person, and maybe even suggest that it’s something your whole group should try. It’ll make for a much happier life!

5. Smile!
If this one seems simple, you’re right—it is! You can actually trick your mind into being happy. Even if there’s nothing to smile about, turn that frown upside down and give it a try. Smiling can change your whole demeanor and outlook. Plus, everyone looks better when they’re smiling! 

6. Relax
When we’re stressed, it’s hard to stay positive. Take some time for yourself. Power off your phone and your laptop (Snapchat and Instagram will still be there when you get back, promise!) and let yourself forget about whatever it is that’s leaving you so stressed. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read, bake some cookies, take a bath, go for a run, paint your nails, do whatever it is that will leave you feeling awesome!

7. Think happy thoughts
If today was just not your day, don’t dwell on the bad. Keep happy thoughts and memories at the forefront of your mind. Someone made a rude comment to you? Instead of getting upset over it, remember the time everyone at school complimented your outfit. Lost your basketball game? Think about that awesome three-pointer that you made last week. 

8. Be kind to others
You know the Golden Rule (treat others how you want to be treated). Now, it’s time to put it to the test. If you walk around radiating happiness and positivity to others, they’ll show it right back to you!

What do you do to stay positive? Let us know in the comments.


by Maddie McGee | 7/13/2017
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