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GIRL TALK: Friend or Foe?

O.k. here’s the problem I have changed since last year and I am more confident but there are a few people at my school that talk about me behind my back. They say things like she is so preppy and stuck up (which I’m not). They emailed me a list of how rude, stuck up, and bratty I am. It was from a blocked email & everyone except this small group of people like me. I wouldn't mind cause I don't hold grudges if you don't like me but they are telling people bad untruthful things about me. I asked all of my friends but they don't know who did it and said if they caught them they would wish they never said anything about me. Does anyone have a way to figure out who said these things or get them to stop? I don't want rumors about me even if no one believes them.

So there are a bunch of immature kids at school spreading rumors about you, huh? First of all, that is totally uncalled for and second, there are more important things in life to do than waste time making things up about other people! I totally, totally give you props for stickin' it out and being mature about this whole situation, babe. It's always best to keep your head up and not hold grudges, because that def makes you a better person than any of them could ever be! I'm all for keeping your close friends even closer. If you didn't have them, who knows what could go down?

I'm not sure how to figure out who is sending out these e-mails or making rumors about you, but you continue ignoring them. I know it sucks and it might get harder to bear with the rumors, but the more you react to them, the more these people will spread rumors. They'll do it just to get a reaction out of you. If you act like you don't care, they'll get bored and do other useless things with their lives! If it gets to the point where you really can't bear it anymore, you should talk to a trusted teacher, guardian or administrator. But once again, I toootally give you props for being a cool and collected! Rock on!

<3, Sharon
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8/19/2008 4:02:00 PM
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