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GIRL TALK: Stay Strong

I just found out that one of my friends has a brain tumor, and I feel really sad about it. She's such a nice girl and doesn't deserve to have this happen to her. She has to have surgery on her birthday, and I feel like I want to help her feel better. I recently confided to my other friends (who don't know this girl) that one of my friends had cancer and that was really sad about it, and they looked at me like I was stupid and shrugged it off like it was nothing. I feel alone, scared, and so worried, but I don’t want to show it because I want to be strong for my friend! What do I do?


You’re AWESOME!  Your friend is lucky to have someone like you.  She needs more people who are as kind and caring as you are, to surround her.  It’s good that you want to stay strong for her.  Keep it up YOU’RE on the RIGHT track.  Making her feel better can be as simple as spending time with her, even if it’s just eating, laughing, dancing, or singing, she’ll remember these moments more than anything else.  No one wants to sit around and dwell on an illness, so make these hard times some of her BEST, by just letting her know that you enjoy her company.  Whenever you see her feeling down try to mention things that she really enjoys talking about and even compliment her every now and again.  Give Thanks!  Let her know that she’s a good friend and she’ll remember and appreciate you always.
Chardae B.
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12/2/2008 12:08:00 PM