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GIRL TALK: Long Distance Support System

I have a guy friend that recently moved. We keep in touch but lately he's been telling me that he is depressed and hates it over there. I try to help him cope but all he does is get mad and never listens. How can I help? What is the best way I can?


Moving is always awful, especially at your age when you have already established friendships. I think the best thing you can do is keep on doing what you have been doing. Even if it seems like he is ignoring you, he is listening. He is obviously turning to you for advice and comfort and I think he is only acting that way because he doesn't know how to deal with all the different emotions he is feeling right now. Why don't you send him a care package or maybe you can get those web cams so that you can talk online and have a face to go with the voice? Showing him that you care about him and miss him will perk him up, even if it is a simple text message or a quick postcard. It is important to maintain contact. If he continues to be fussy, mean, or rude, speak up. Tell him that his negative attitude isn't going to change his current life status. His parents probably aren't planning to move anytime soon so its best that he just tries to make the best out of it. Also let him know that you are trying to help him but it bothers you that your efforts are ignored. You don't pay this much attention to just ANYONE.
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12/9/2008 10:00:00 AM