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GIRL TALK: The Crush Crasher

I’ve got a major problem. In chorus yesterday, I was talking to one of my friends before class started. She told me that she liked somebody and she wanted me to give her some advice. So, since I’m a wizard with advice and all that, she told me the guys name. IT WAS MY CRUSH. I’ve liked him for a really long time and I think he’s starting to like me back, but I don’t want to hurt my friend’s feelings by asking him out or accepting if he asks me out. PLUS I don’t want this whole catastrophe to ruin our friendship for good. HELP ME!!!!!
-Feeling like a crush crasher
Crushing over the same boy is not worth ending a relationship. Girl, you have all your life to find a boyfriend and to have crushes. I think it may be best to tell your friend that you have a crush on the same guy.  This will eliminate keeping a secret from your friend.  I think you two should just be friends with the guy you both like. I don’t think either one of you should date the guy. Not any pair of friends wants to share the same guy.  Plus, there are like many guys out there. I’m sure in time, you two will have crushes on another guy and hopefully, it will not be the same one. 
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12/23/2008 3:53:00 PM