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New School, New Me

I'm starting high school next year, and I got into a private school. I don't know what I'm going to do! My friends are all going to a different private high school, and I'll be alone!
I'm outgoing, but I just can't see myself going up to someone and talking. Especially because recently I've been trying to discover myself. I'm way into alternative music and I'm NOT girly. I don't want to hang out with classified groups of people (such as emos, preps, goths, etc.), but I just want to hang out with people like me!

Hey babe,

It's awesome that you are outgoing, but it would be amazing if you could open yourself up. That way, you could meet a wide range of people. Forget the cliques, and treat whoever you meet as an individual. You learn more about yourself by talking to different people and by learning different things. You shouldn't worry about being classified into any group since you are an individual. Remember that talking to a prep does not make you a prep. Join an after school sport, club, charity, association or whatever to meet different people.

When I was in high school, I had the same fears as you when it came to associating with a specific group. Now, years after high school, I wish that I had been more open and talked to everyone. Whenever I did talk to people who were different from me, I ended up learning more about myself through our differences and even through our similarities. The more open you are to meeting different people, the better your chances are at finding places to eat for lunch, having friends to hang out with on the weekends and with learning about a lot of different things.

Also, just because you and your old buds are separating into different high schools does not mean that you guys can't keep in touch. You guys can always call, text, e-mail, or blog each other. GL can also be a great resource for you to reconnect with all of your friends. Get your friends to create profiles and just message each other whenever you guys get the chance. There is so much wonderful technology that you guys can use to always keep your old and even your new friendships afloat.

<3 Sherryn D.

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2/3/2009 7:00:00 AM
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