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Don't Say "Gay"

I personally hate or very strongly dislike it when people say something is “gay.” I just think it’s just plain rude. One of my close camp friend’s parents are lesbians (so she has two moms). And everyone on my bus and a ton of people in my school are always saying that something is "so gay."


I just think it's so rude cause even if someone is or their parents are gay that doesn't mean they are bad or something. My friend is one of the nicest people around. How do I tell people to not say that without making it sound like I am gay?


You are absolutely right. Props to you for realizing that using “gay” in this way is an immature thing to do. Saying something is “so gay” is extremely rude and totally unnecessary. It really bothers me when people say something is gay. Whether they’re trying to be funny or mean, it really is just impolite and insensitive.

And kudos to you for wanting to stand up for your friend! The next time people say something is “gay” let them know you find their comment to be insulting and totally uncool. When people joke around and say something is gay, I ask them, “Really? What’s so gay about it?” Usually they don’t have an answer and they don’t know what to say. For some reason, people say something is gay when they have nothing else to say. But if you ignore it and don’t question them, they’ll continue to use it.

Bottom line is that it’s an insult and it hurts people. Your friend may be too ashamed to say something, for fear of getting teased or bullied. So it’s up to you to make a difference. Don’t worry about people thinking you’re gay. If they don’t understand why it’s an issue, then they are the ones with the problem…not you.

Lots of love,
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2/17/2009 7:00:00 AM
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