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Should I Share My BFF's Secret?

I'm so scared! My best friend just told me that she's anorexic. She made me swear I wouldn't tell anyone. I'm the only one that knows and I'm afraid that she might hurt herself really badly. Please help me! I don't know what to do!

-  Anonymous

All right girl, here’s the deal: if you really care about your friend and her health, then you will tell someone immediately. Yes, your friend made you promise not to tell anyone. But her health may be at serious risk and it’s important she get some help as soon as possible.

You shouldn’t blab about her medical issue to everyone, or even other friends. This is not the time to gossip. You need to tell an adult right away. If you don’t feel comfortable telling your teacher, then try talking to the guidance counselor. Simply let the counselor know you have a friend who you’re worried about. Let them know she told you not to tell anyone, but you’re scared for her health. You can also tell your parents and they’ll know what to do.

Lastly, let your friend know you’ve told an adult. Be prepared for some backlash. Your friend may be so upset that she’ll vow never to speak to you again. But be sure to let her know that you did it because you love her and you care for her. Tell her that you told others because you didn’t want anything bad to happen to her.

Let her know you’ll always be her friend. You could say, “I understand that you’re upset and I know I broke our promise, but I only did it to help you and I hope one day you’ll forgive me.” Once she sees you’re trying to help her, hopefully she’ll understand why you did it. It won’t be easy, but it’s necessary.

Lots of love,
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2/24/2009 7:00:00 AM
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