Which guy should I crush on?

I like two boys. The one that I have known for a couple of years is that friend who automatically lifts my mood...even on my worst days! I asked him if he liked anyone and he said no. A few days later one of my friends was talking to him and asked him who and he said someone that goes to our school.

The other guy that I just met this year is definitely cute and we are both in the marching and symphonic bands. A few weeks ago one of my friends asked who he likes. His answer was that he didn't like me or this other girl. I know no one told him about my crush, so that means he figured it out on his own. His reason was that we are too good of friends and he wouldn’t want to risk a friendship.

My big question now is: do I have a chance with either guy? And with Boy #2 is it better that he figured it out on his own?

Hey girl, sounds like you have your hands pretty full with boys. Of course, you can like two guys at once and there’s nothing wrong with that (um, unless you have a BF!). Crushes are totally normal and even healthy, too. Unfortunately, if neither guy appears likes ya, you might want to go after another dude all together.

Friendships first

Maybe it’s better Boy #2 figured out on his own so you didn’t feel embarrassed about asking him. And just because these dudes don’t like you now, doesn’t mean they won't like you in the future. Most successful relationships begin with being pals first. The fact that these fellas don’t want to ruin their friendship with you shows you’re special to them and they care a lot about you.

The perf Prince Charming

Remember, there are plenty of guys out there. Since you seem to really like these dudes, make a list of the qualities you find attractive in both of them. Boy #1 obviously makes you feel awesome no matter what, and Boy #2 shares your love of music. Somewhere out there, there is a guy who has the best of both of boys.

Have fun!

For now, you should appreciate your friendships and wait for the right one to come along. Just be yourself, be confident and don’t stress out. Who knows? Your guy friends may change their mind one day and think of you as a possible girlfriend than just a friend. In the meanwhile, flirt it up and good luck finding the music-loving, awesome dude of your dreams.

Lots of love,

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2/19/2010 7:00:00 AM
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