Love My Look: Spring Dance Edition!

You can’t have the perfect night without the perfect dress. That’s why GL has teamed up with Secret Scent Expressions to share fresh ideas for fabulous party frocks. Plus we’ve matched these looks to the perfect Secret Scent Expressions (because, hello, gotta be sweat-free and smelling sweet on your big night!).

Alyson C.
Age: 13

Alyson has a fun approach to life…and fashion. While fringe was all over the spring runways, you can also score this party-ready retro look at vintage shops.
Alyson’s Secret: Truth or Pear matches Alyson’s daring style.

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Ashley B.
Age: 13

Ashley is never afraid to be bold and bright. Solids and patterns are always a great combo. You don’t even need accessories—this look stands out without all the extras.
Ashley’s Secret: Fabulously Floral matches her ability to make everyone around her feel like a million bucks.
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Danielle Z.
Age: 15

Get in touch with your inner diva and rock out in a dress worthy of a pop princess. Danielle shows off her flare for fashion with this rhinestone-embellished black dress. Snag a similar look be decking out your spring fling frock in iron on crystals for some insta-bling!
Danielle’s Secret: Rockstar Rose matches Danielle’s expressive and inspirational style.

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Jennifer F.
Age: 15

Jennifer keeps things laid back in her tie-dye dress. Feeling creative? Why not tie-dye your own frock? Personalizing your clothes makes them uniquely you.
Jennifer’s Secret: Ooh-la-la-Lavender matches Jennifer’s casual vibe.

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Jessica W.
Age: 15
Jessica pairs separates to create a look that’s fashionable, fabulous and totally wearable. To recreate the look, simply reach for three of spring’s biggest trends—bright color, bold floral and a touch of toughness—then pair together.
Jessica’s Secret: Totally Tropical from Secret Scent Expressions matches Jessica’s colorful style.
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Jordana E.
Age: 18

Who says you have to wait until Memorial Day to wear white? Let other girls get lost in a sea of black, white always looks crisp and classic.
Jordana’s Secret: Coco Butter Kiss. It’s as sunny and fresh as she is.

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Julia F.
Age: 13

Girly ruffles and a black sash give Julia’s outfit just-right balance. Add tough accessories, like leather bracelets or major platforms, for extra kick.

Julia’s Secret: Cherry Mischief matches Julia’s sweet style.

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Julie H.
Age: 14

Julie loves to rock the latest trends. Keep the color bold and the form fitted to get this look. Perf accessories? A long, dangly necklace and killer heels.
Julie’s Secret: Va Va Vanilla matches Julie’s up-to-the-minute style.

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Kayla S.
Age: 14

Kayla taps into one of spring’s new trends—stripes. Keep it updated by looking for a dress with lines in fun colors. Then pack even more punch with a bold bracelet and knockout nails.
Kayla’s Secret: Pretty n’ Peach matches Kayla’s peppy personality.

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Leora F.
Age: 17
The aqua tulip shape on the bottom of Leora’s dress is ultra-flattering, not to mention feminine. A flyaway cardi softens the look—and adds warmth for chilly spring nights.
Leora’s Secret: Bella Bloom gives her a boost of confidence Prince Charming is sure to notice.
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Mia S.
Age: 13

Mia’s sweet floral dress and cardi-combo is more refreshing than a glass of lemonade on a hot day. Her bold prints add a dash of summer to the spring dance décor. Steal her sunny style but keep the accessories to a minimum, you don’t want to go overboard.
Mia’s Secret: Wild Jasmine makes Mia sparkle with confidence, which shines through in her bold Spring Dance style choice.
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Still not sure what to wear? Take our How Do You Sparkle Quiz to discover your perfect scent, then find the look on this page that matches it. It’s that simple.

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by GL | 2/1/2016
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