A Very St. Patty's Day Party

March means it's time to celebrate one of the funnest holidays out there—St. Patrick's Day! What started off as a day to celebrate Irish pride is now an international holiday loved by just about everyone—Irish or not.

So, get out your green and invite your clover-ful chicas to the jigg-iest get together ever. Your lassies will be leapin' for joy. 

Emerald Invitations

A cute, handmade invite is a fun way to get your friends excited for your shamrockin' soirée! Start by printing out a large shamrock image from your computer and use it to trace the same shape on to green construction paper. Cut it out and add gold or rainbow glitter to give it some sparkle. Don't forget to neatly write all the info your guests might need (where ya live, what date and time this is goin' down and what they should bring). Or, go extra-Irish and write a limerick poem (psst! Limerick is a city in Ireland, too!) about your party. You can ask your guests to wear green outfits to go along with your party's theme, or maybe you could ask 'em to come dressed as cute li'l leprechauns. For a fab finishing touch, sprinkle some shamrock confetti in to the envelopes and surprise your friends with even more extra sparkle.

Pot o' Gold Garb

Make the party room decor as creative as the invites! Buy green tablecloths and sprinkle the extra confetti from the invitations all over the room. You can also try making your own "coin" confetti by cutting out circles from gold or yellow pieces of paper. For place settings, buy cups, plates, silverware and napkins in all different colors and arrange them in the order of the rainbow. Don't forget gold, white and green balloons and streamers! Or, go all-out and make a large paper rainbow. Place a black bowl full of candy (your own version of gold, duh!) at the end of your colorful streak.

Green Grub

St. Patty's Day parties are all about the green, and what better way to feed your guests then with emerald eats? Add food coloring to anything and everything—drinks, cupcakes, yogurt and jello.


Add the dye to pizza dough and have each guest make a personal green pizza. If you wanna be really daring, top with green veggies, like green peppers, green beans, spinach and broccoli.

Wanna go healthy? Put out green veggies or green fruits like grapes, kiwi, apples and honeydew melons as snacks.

Or, take it traditional with eats like Irish Soda Bread and Corned Beef and Cabbage.

Irish Activities
Don't let your li'l leprechauns get bored! Have a slew of fun games on deck, and put an Irish spin on all of 'em. Here are some of our faves:

Try playing a pot o' gold coin toss. Take a large bowl and place it in an open area of the room. Several feet away, stick a piece of tape to the floor. Have your friends stand on the tape and toss gold coins into the pot. Whoever gets the most in wins!

A leprechaun or pot of gold piñata is an easy, delicious way to keep the bash going. Fill it up with gold coin chocolates, and line up for a chance to break it.

Want to get moving? Put on Irish tunes and play freeze dance! Whoever moves once the music stops is out.

BLOG IT OUT! Do you have any St. Patrick's Day plans? What are they? How do you usually celebrate?


by Melissa Harans | 2/1/2016