101 Ways to Have the Funnest Summer...EVER!

Woo hoo! School's out (or just about)! Who's excited for summer? The girlies here at GL are!
Sure, this is a great time to sit back, relax and do nada, hit the beach or travel to cool new cities...but you might get a li'l bored of the same ol' day-to-day. Lucky for you, we've found 101 ways to revamp your summer vacay.

1. Plan a sizzling BBQ with your buds

A barbeque is simple to put together and it is great way to soak up the summer sun while socializing with friends.  Just grab some grill-friendly foods, invite over some friends, and lounge around eating, gossiping and getting your tan on (with SPF of course!) 

Make it a Healthy BBQ – Want to plan a BBQ but worried about the extra fat that comes with the burgers and the buns?  Instead, choose a healthier choice, like chicken, so you can have fun and still look great in a bikini. PLUS, check out this great pasta salad recipe RIGHT HERE.

2. Be a cool clothing designer 

Have lots of clothes that are just sitting away in the closet collecting dust?  Why not make them into somethin' new with a pair of scissors? If you have a pair of jeans that you've outgrown in length but still fit around the waist make them into stylish pair of jean shorts instead. Or learn how to make a cool bag from those old pants RIGHT HERE.

3.  Clean out the clutter

With no school on your hands there's puh-lenty of time to organize the mess of papers and junk that's accumulated around the house throughout the year.  Help your parents out and get rid of the things you no longer need. Put the stuff you wanna keep in a safe spot that is visibly out of the way and easy to remember. PLUS, CLICK HERE for tips on how to clean out your closet!

4.  Rock on at a cool concert

A concert is a great way to let loose and have a good time with friends. Look up your favorite band’s tour sched and see if they'll be at a venue near you. Get ready to dance and sing the night away! 

5.  Have fun in the sun with a relaxing romantic novel

School is out, which means you no longer have to read the boring books your teachers require.  Instead why not curl up outside with a book of your choice? CLICK HERE to see some of our top summer reads!

Tip – The library may sound old school but it's actually a cheap and efficient way to get tonsa good reads.

6.  Take a walk on the wild side

Planning day-trips is always way fun, so why not head to the nearest zoo? Take a friend and explore the diff animals and fun facts. And who knows...maybe will meet a sensitive, animal-loving cutie while you're at it. 

7.  Picture perfect

Aspiring photographer or not, photos are always fun to take. Start a summer photo album or scrapbook with your new snapshots. Arts and crafts are always fun, so get creative and start taking lots of pictures of family and friends to fill a scrapbook with your summer memories. 

8.  Game on!

Bored on a Friday night? Get your fam together and play a competitive game of Monopoly, Scrabble, Catch Phrase or any other fun game of your choice.

9.  Amuse yourself

The summer weather is perf for a nice day at an amusement park. Head out early to avoid all the long lines. Ride the rollercoaster at least three times, and eat all the cotton candy you can stomach. Our tip? Invite your crush along and hold his hand in the haunted house. 

10. Spruce up your space

Is it too dull in your bedroom? Brighten up your bed by changing your sheets to a bright summer pink or yellow. GO HERE for some free DIY tips.

11. Gym haters rejoice!

Are you the type of person that wants to workout but the sight of elliptical machines all lined up makes ya think AHHH?  No problem, start exercising around the house, play tennis, or take long walks on the beach to get that heart rate up.

12. Fine-tune your talents

Have a hidden talent that you are dying to share? Organize a talent show with your besties at your next sleepover. Create cool programs and have each girl perform. Is Gia great at guitar? Have her strum a song! Does Tia totally love tap dancing? She should show off her routine. 

13. Be a summer job genius

What gal doesn't love a summer gig? It's a great way to earn moolah and gives ya something to do during the dog days of summer. But what to do if your job starts to bore you? 

Spice it up by taking initiative and asking your boss what other tasks you can do.  Or, if you have your eye on the cute waiter that works your shift be courageous and ask him out.  You never know!

14. Dance party divas!

Dancing is always fun, not to mention a great way to burn off the calories.  Get your friends together for a night out at a dance party or host your own.  All you need are some sweet tunes and you're all set to shake what your momma gave ya! 

15. Get golfin' 

Mini-golf is a lot less time-consuming than real golf and requires little to zero experience. Hit the golf course for a fun day activity and make a bet that the losers buy ice cream afterwards.

16. Set the scene for summer

Put up a hammock or grab a couple lounge chairs to make your backyard the ultimate summer layout spot. Choose an area that's not so shady...but always remember to later up with tons of sunscreen!

17. Sp-aaah 

Bond with your Mom or your BFF and take a day trip to the spa.  Get matching polish on your nails and fun facial masks.  

Too Pricey? – If a spa is too expensive, have a spa party with do-it-yourself kits! Get some great DIY tips RIGHT HERE!

18. Bold new bathing suits

Bored of all your same old swim suits? Start making new ones by pairing different tops and bottoms together for a fab new style.

Tip – Black bathing suit bottoms are very versatile and can be matched with almost any top!

19. Tune in to the tube

If you missed some of your favorite TV shows while you were busy studying this school year, summer is the time to catch up so you can be ready for next season. Buy the whole season on DVD or download a specific episode on iTunes.

20. Collect 'em all 

If you are traveling a lot this summer or have nothing better to do, compile a collection. Get a souvenir from every place you visit or go to a beach and gather pretty shells to make a necklace.

21. Fun summer flings

Keep your mind and heart open and you'll find the ultimate summer crush. How to catch him? Prove you can let loose and hang with the guys by playing Frisbee or enjoying a friendly game of beach football.

22.  Film fanatic

Plan an all day movie extravaganza! Invite a couple friends over and tell them to each bring their favorite movies. Then pick out your favorite movie, microwave the popcorn, and enjoy some back-to-back films. Perf for a rainy day!

23. Bust traveling boredom

No one enjoys long hours of driving in a car or riding on a plane, so prep yourself. Pack snacks, games, and anything else that will help take your mind off of the traveling boredom.

24. Make your own version of Nanny Diaries
Just like in the movie The Nanny Diaries, starring Scarlett Johanson, you too can document while you babysit this summer. Ask around to find 'rents that work and need a daytime sitter. You can get your tan on and make money at the same time! Get all the babysitting tips you could ever want RIGHT HERE!

25. Throw your own campout

Can't take a real summer vacay? A great getaway is just minutes away...right in your own backyard! Ask mom and pops to help ya pitch a tent and invite your girlies over with their sleeping bags. Get set to cook s'mores, tell scary stories and sing silly songs. For more camp sleepover ideas GO HERE.
26. Movie Makin' Mama

Gather the girls, get those creative juices flowing and shoot your own movie! Who needs to have a script? Make everything off the cuff and let the film roll. This will make for tons of laughs and awesome memories, trust us!
27. Be a blogger babe
Loose the conventional hand-written journal and start a summer blog! Create posts about your BFFs, summer vacay, camp, your new crush, anything. Blogs are super cool since you can update 'em everyday and have your other chickies comment.
28. Green Thumbs Up
Smell the roses, sistah! Summer is a great time to start a small flower garden. Enlist the help of your BFFs and you COULD catch the attention of the cutie next door while you're out workin' it. CLICK HERE for more info to make you a gardening guru in no time!
29. Watch the Fireworks
There nothing like a li'l holiday fun! Don't be shy, ask your summer crush to your town's fireworks display or Fourth of July celebration! Hey, you never know. You might spark a few fireworks yourself!
30. Karaoke Queen
Don't let the fun at your next sleepover fizz out! Belt out your fave tunes like the rockstar you are. For some added fun, try making up routines to go with the song. Then, have a dance off or put on your own show. out Beyonce!
31. Artsy Craftsy

Love to paint or draw? Either join an arts and crafts class to enhance your skills, or get a group of people together to showcase your artistic abilities. Another way to get arty? Teach your own class, to give others a few helpful tips and bounce new ideas off of each other.
32. Summer Fashion Passion
Spice up any girly get-together with a fab runway show. Try trading outfits for new funky looks or over-the-top makeovers! Strut your stuff down the catwalk. Take out the digi or disposal cam and snap some silly pics. Work it!
33. Donate Your Summer To a Good Cause
Get you friends together and volunteer at a hospital or animal hospital.  Its tonsa fun, oh-so-rewarding and it'll look great on future job resumes!
34. Summer Sparkles

One thing that doesn’t stop in the summer is birthdays! Try making inexpensive gifts from the heart that your chicas will love. Dress up the regular friendship bracelet with beads or jewels.  
35. Backyard Water Park
Tired of going to the town pool everyday? Create your own backyard water park, even if you don't have a pool. It's simple! Grab the garden hose, sprinkler, have water balloon fights or make a homemade slip-n-slide from garbage bags. Best part about it? It's totally free!
36. Hang 10, Dude
You and the BFFs have been beach bums long enough! Take a surfing lesson instead of sitting around in the sand. Are you hangin' around at a lake? Go tubing or take up waterskiing. Bonus? Your instructor just might be a total babe. Gnarly!
37. DIY Frozen Treats
Does the heat have you fried? Chill out, chica! Don't run after the ice cream truck, either. Make your own DIY cold dishes.  See some of our faves right here: Vanilla Freeze, Instant Ice Cream, Strawberry Frozen Yogurt and Frozen Fruit Slushies.
38. Beautify Your Neighborhood
Have fun and go green at the same time!  Go around your neighborhood and find what needs a li'l sprucing up; maybe clean up some litter or even re-paint a chipping fence. Or ask your neighbs what they need done. You and your friends will have a blast.

39. Get the Full 411!

Love stars, bugs, how things work, or maybe a subject you learned about in school? Research your fave topic the entire summer and become a total aficionado on the subject. There’s nothing wrong with using the old noggin' while school out!

40. Summertime Scribe

J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer totally rock, but you can too! Use the summer as your inspiration to write a novel or an auto-biography. And don't forget to make sure you get the guy, it’s your book!

41. Aloha, Awesomeness

Throw a luau party! Grass skirts, hot tan guys, leis, thinking Hawaii? Try’s your backyard. Nothing says summer like a great Hawaiian-themed party. Try fun tropical recipes, have guest make their own flower leis, or even play the Hawaiian game "ulu maika" which is similar to horseshoe.

42. Marco, Polo...and more!

Do a little splashing around with some totally fun pool games. Try pool tag  or Marco Polo and add a few different elements like water balloons or water guns to the fun. Cannonball!

43. Glam Go-Getter

Tired of the setting up the same ol' Lemonade stand to score cash every summer? How about a beauty booth instead? Set up a makeover booth for the chickies in the neighborhood and give 'em a cute new summer look. Break out the digi for a pic of their new makeover! Voila! Watch your new divas dish out the dollas!

Get answers to all sorts of beauty secrets RIGHT HERE.

44. Ahhh, Memories

Remember your fab summer for years to come by creating a cool summer collage. Hang on to concert programs, movie tickets, pictures with the BFFs and of your family’s summer vacay. At the end of the summer put them all together on a poster board and hang it in your room so you can look at it year-round.

Or make your BFF a cool collage and send her some sweet snail mail....HERE'S HOW

45. Seriously Snazzy CDs

The radio not playing your fave Miley song? Create your own playlist and CDs so you and your girlies can rock 'n' roll all summer long. After you burn your CDs give them a li’l personality and add pictures or design 'em!

46. Be the PERF Player

So the totally hot kid across the street is playing basketball. What do you do? Go out there and join him, sporty sistah. Um, wait...have no clue how to play? Ask him, I’m sure he’ll love to help! Your summer is going to be nothin'-but-net!

47. School's Out Sleepover!

Celebrate school being out by inviting the girlies in your class over for a sleepover. Catch up on the latest gossip, go through your yearbook and dish about the cute kids in class all night. Have fun watching movies, eating popcorn and doing manis and pedis. It's the perf time to make a summer sched so you chicas can meet up regularly.

For more sleepover ideas GO HERE.

48. Dog Walkin' Divas

Low on the green? Assemble your girls and get to work! Knock on your neighbor's doors and see if they need a dog walker. Then, earn (and amp up the exercise) a few bucks when you take Max or Rover on a walk around the block.

49. Be Sand-sational

If life's a beach, you should at least be the leading lady. Create your own sand castle instead of just sitting around at the shore. Even better? Make it a contest to see who comes up with the best design.

50. Musical Goddess

Hey J. Hud, get those vocals ready for the next season of AI with summer singing lessons! By the time fall comes around you can serenade the new cute guy in your class. 

51. Be a Drama Queen

If you’re looking for some drama, summer is a great time to check out your local theater. A lot of community theaters have fun outdoor summer festivals that you can go to with your friends. Some theaters even offer classes or workshops that you can take in the summer, so you can start becoming the next big Disney Channel star!

Can’t find a local theater? Put on a show in your own backyard with some friends!

52. Rock on a Budget

Love music but hate spending a ton of moolah to go to big shows? Check out the local summer line-ups at some smaller venues. You could save some money (or some FREE concerts) and find a new favorite band!

53. Sew Stylish

If you like arts and crafts, pick up some yarn and an instruction book from your local craft store and learn to knit or crochet. It’s not just for your grandma! You can find some seriously cute patterns for fun scarves and hats to make for you and your friends. When school starts up again, you’ll be totally warm and oh-so-stylish.

54. Strike a New Chord

Try learning a new instrument. You can get one new or used and look up instructions online or actually get lessons if you’ve got the time and the cash. (Or you could ask that cute guitar player who lives around the corner to show you how to play!). By the end of summer you could have a concert for your friends and family or even get together with your favorite girlies and start your own band!

55. Go Viral

Start a YouTube channel with some of your creative buds. All you need is a web cam and an idea. You can make your own TV show, review your fave movies and books, do a video blog or just dance to your favorite song. When it’s online, you can link everyone you know to your video.

56. Tickle Your Taste Buds

Try a food you’ve never tried before. Ethnic recipes can bring great new flavors to your summer. Go out to different restaurants you’ve never been to or look up new recipes and make them yourself. When you’re done you can have tasting parties with your chicas.

57. Bust a Move

Get together with some of your best buds and learn the dance moves to your favorite music video. It’s great exercise and tons of fun.

58. Eat Out – Or In

Make a picnic with friends! You can each bring a different dish and have it in your backyard or at local park. Don’t let rain spoil your fun! If the weather is looking yucky, throw some blankets on the floor and have your picnic indoors. Get some great recipe ideas RIGHT HERE!

59. Everything Must Go

If you’ve got more things than you know what to do with, a great way to make room for some new stuff (and get the money to buy it!) is to have a yard sale. You can design your own posters and name your prices and watch the money come rolling in. You can even get together with your chickies to make your yard sale even bigger.

60. Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Summer nights are perfect for going to a baseball game. Most ballparks have student discounts some nights, or other fun promotions.

Don’t wanna spend the dough? Then start a backyard game once a week! It’s a great way to chill with your buds and maybe even meet some cute ball players!

61. Test Your Friends

Everyone hates a pop quiz, right? But what if it’s a quiz all about you or your fave girlies? Make up some silly questions and see who knows who the best! You may even learn something you never new about your BFF. Or take one of our fun quizzes RIGHT NOW!

62. Play Your Own Game

Bored of board games? Why not try making your own? Just get a piece of poster board and make up some rules and teach your girls how to play. Personalize it for extra fun – make pieces that look like your BFFs, your favorite celebs or movie characters!

63. Think Local

Think there’s nothing to do in your area? Think again. There’s almost always something going on, even in a small town. Check your newspaper for local festivals in your area where you can find art, music, or food and get to know your town or city a little better.

64. Be Thrifty

Love shopping but hate spending the cash? Go thrift store shopping with your most stylish chicas. It's cheap and you'll find unique and fun pieces that no one else has. Challenge each other to find the wackiest thing in the store or the biggest bargain.

65. Try Snail Mail

Going on vacation this summer? Pick up a postcard to send a friend. It’s so much more exciting to get than a text. Maybe she’ll even return the favor and you can be summer pen pals! Wanna personalize your postcard? HERE'S HOW!

66. Home Entertainment

To get the big screen experience but skip the sticky movie theater floors try projecting a movie onto a wall or the side of your house – any light-colored area with a lot of space will do! – and inviting your buds over for a fun and free movie night.

67. Have a Silly Celebration

Did you know almost every day has a holiday? Do a little research online and throw a silly party for Stupid Guy Thing Day (June 22), Don’t Step On A Bee Day (July 10), National Chocolate Chip Day (August 4), National Waffle Day (August 24), or make up your own!

68. Be More Flexible

Yoga is a great way to clear your head, become more flexible and get some exercise while you’re at it! All you need is a DVD and a mat and you’re well on your way to becoming a summer yoga guru.

69. Go Granola

Looking for a way to spend some time with your girlies while you’re getting some exercise? Take a hike! Check around for some local hiking trails, make some tasty trail mix, and have a fun, healthy day out with your BFFs. It’s even better if there’s a swimming area near by so you can take a quick dip if it gets too hot.

70. Listen Up

Are you and your friends excited about the latest album from the Jonas Brothers or Ashley Tisdale? Is your favorite band releasing new music this year? Have an album listening party with your fellow fans.

Pick up the latest disc and invite all your chicas to come over and rock out with you. Last one with the lyrics memorized loses!

71. Exercise Your Brain

Keep your brain in shape with some crosswords, sudoku puzzles or your own favorite brain teaser. Who knows? By the end of the summer, you might even be enough of a master to be able to make your own!

72. Midnight Movie Magic

If you’re a night owl, try going to a midnight movie premiere for Harry Potter. Don’t be afraid to dress up and get really into it – since everyone else there is just as much of superfan as you are, you won’t have to worry about looking silly.

Not a big HP fanatic? The midnight showing of any ol' movie will do. It's super fun to tell everyone, "I already saw that! It rocked!"

73. Take a Time Out

Summer can be a great time to hang out with your girls, but it’s also an awesome time to just focus on Y-O-U. Catch a sunset and listen to your favorite song. It’s the perfect way to wind down after a long day of fun in the sun! Check out new ways to

74. Starry Night

Grab some blankets, relax in your backyard and learn all about the night sky. Find constellations, watch for astronomical movements, or just enjoy looking up at the stars on a warm summer night.

75. Host a Premiere

Have your girlies over for a themed party for the DVD release of your favorite movie. Go all out with themed snacks, decor and activities. Then, get all settled in and watch!
76. Happy Trails

Are you and your BFF going on vacay with your fams this summer? Skip all that boring catch-up talk and exchange mini scrapbooks with pictures and memorable pieces of your trip. It’s a fun way to get the deets of your friends’ summer and thinking of ways to make your book the best ever might even help spice up a long dull drive with the ‘rents.

77. Put Your Heart on Your Sleeve
Don’t know what to wear to your fave band’s concert this summer? How about designing your own t-shirt? You can get a plain tee and DIY with fabric markers/paints or tie dye, or you can look online or near you for companies that will make your funky designs into your new fave t-shirt.
78. Once Upon a Time…

If you’re looking for something to kill the long dull summer hours and will you’re your parents happy? Ask about volunteering to read to kids at your local public library. You can relive your childhood faves and be a role model at the same time!

79. Summer at the Museum

Not all museums are silent, dusty tombs. Check out cool interactive programs like pottery classes at an art museum or simulated archeological digs at a science museum and learn something new in a fun hands-on way.

80. Have a Ball

No need to spend your summer missing school dances. Throw your own in your backyard! Get your friends together and invite everyone you know, decorate with strings of holiday lights or paper lanterns and have a friend play DJ. Everyone will have a blast getting all dressed up and dancing the night away.

81. YOU'RE the Next Top Chef

Whether you’re a total foodie or just in the mood to bake, try planning a dinner for your family or friends. You mom or dad can help you out with the more complicated stuff if you’re not an expert. Set up a sophisticated sit-down dinner for everyone and serve them your specialty!

You can make it as serious or as silly as you want by having menus, place cards, background music, candlelight, or just a fun, informal family style meal. You’re the chef – it’s up to you! Get cool recipe ideas RIGHT HERE

82. Become a Legend

Make your summer truly legendary by trying to break a world record. Look up current records online or in a book and find one that you want to shatter. You can get your friends to help and spend you spare time practicing. Make sure your names go down in history!

83. Super Bowl

Get together with your buds and go bowling! Even if you’re not getting perfect strikes every time, the slippery lanes, the funny shoes and dividing up into teams with silly names will def provide hours of summer fun. Bowling on a budget? Keep an eye out for special discounts for students or groups to help you save some cash.

84. Summer Nights

Just because the sun went down doesn’t mean your outdoor fun has to end! Organize a big game of flashlight tag or hide and seek. And you’re never too old to catch fireflies – just make sure you let them go safe and sound once you’re done.

85. Tea for Two…or More!

It was fun to play tea party with your teddy bears when you were a kid, but news flash – they never go out of style, no matter how old you are! Have a silly one with your friends with funny accents and outrageous costumes or have a formal mother-daughter teas and invite their moms too.

Make some dainty finger foods, like bite-sized sandwiches and cookies, and get dressed up in your finest to play hostess for an afternoon.

86. Listen to Your Life

Does your life have enough drama to be its own movie? Well, why not give it its own soundtrack? Pick your fave songs that you can imagine for your opening credits, your first date, your big dramatic fight, and, of course, the happily ever after. Make a playlist of a CD of your final picks and you can listen to your autobiography all summer long.

87. Ready, Aim, Fire!

Find a laser tag place near you and have fun battling it out with your best buds. Can’t find one or don’t want to spend the money? Move the fight to your backyard with water or Nerf guns and don’t be afraid to get messy! Laser tag isn’t just for boys, but we'll bet your crush probably wouldn’t say no if you invited him along….

88. Design divas

Low on the green stuff? Grab your besties and start a design business! The local gals can bring their tees, shoes, jeans, whatev they want a li’l added summer flare to. Get real crafty and create a few do-it-yourselfers like key rings and have them for the chicas to buy. Get some cool craft ideas RIGHT HERE!


89. Be a Health Nut!

Since you’re taking total advantage of relaxing this summer, why not ditch a few bad food choices?! There’s def nothing wrong with a little snacking here and there but try swapping the chips for fruit, or the soda for flavored H20.

Yes you’re a ice cream fiend, totally understandable, but froyo is an awesome and oh-so-yummy alternative. Want more healthy recipes? See 'em RIGHT HERE.

90. Start a Book Club

Are you and the chickies total Twilight fanatics? Invite a few more of the neighborhood chicas that l-o-v-e to read, and start a book club. Have weekly meetings and talk about what books your reading, suggest new titles and swap old books so you don't have to spend all that money on new ones. It’ll be great fun, and you're sure to make a few new friends.

91. Be-friender

You notice there’s a new girlie down the street that hasn’t made any friends. Be the first to invite her to hang out with you and your besties! Show her all your fave places to go to around the neighborhood like local theaters, pools, or maybe even parks. This will be a great to meet new peeps and expand your social circle, you social butterfly you!

92. Girls ROCK!

So, you can pluck a guitar better than Taylor? Well prove it! Start a fab girls bands with your musical chicas and rock out. Show off Paris’ insane pipes, Daisy’s drum skills, or Erica’s electric guitar strokes. At the end of the summer put on a rad concert of everyone in the neighborhood. Your chance at stardom starts now!

93. Uno Tournament

Sitting around in front of telly all summer starts to get a bit boring. So grab a pack of Uno cards and make a tournament of it! The poker pros in Vegas do it, why can’t you and your friends?! Play round by round until you have the ultimate winner. Hey, use those bragging rites, you earned them!

94. Photo Booth

Say cheese and make some dough while you’re at it! Grab the digi, and offer your expert photog services. This is a great way to make a li’l moolah while you have a total blast. Set-up your clients in poses and different scenes for fab looks. Smile for the camera.    

95. Summer Swim Club

Make a splash this summer in your very own swim club. You and the besties already go to the pool together anyway, so why not change it up a bit. Have a blast and have contest and maybe host your very own Summer Olympics in either your backyard or at the local pool.

96. Be Mom's Little Helper!

If you're bored this summer, help Mom out with all her maternal duties!  Take a trip with her to the grocery store to grab all your favehealthy snacks or help with the chores around the house.  Mom will probably LOVE the extra pair of hands and it'll show her how responsible you can be (Hellooo, extended curfew!).

97. Be a MOD!

Everyone needs advice so why not become your family and friends' personal MOD!? Help them out with any tough situations or dilemmas they are dealing with just like MODs do. Who knows, maybe you'll be a real MOD in the future.

98. Plan a Picnic

Go on a picnic with family or friends for the day. Head to your fave park, spread out a blanket and relax! Bring your fave foods, play some fun outdoor games and just enjoy the sun. Get great recipe ideas RIGHT HERE.

99. Tie Dye Everything

Have lot of old white tees you're dying to get rid of? How about tie dying them intead? Grab a tye dye kit and get to work! Don't stop at tees... tie dye anything from a white sports bra to white socks. Want more hippie ideas? Throw your own '60s sleepover RIGHT NOW!

100. Get Close With Game Night

Get together with family and friends for a night devoted to games! /Cheer on your fave sports team on the tube or play a board game like Monopoly to have some competitive fun.

101. Vball Superstars

Get in on a game of beach volleyball, and get a li’l exercise while you’re having a ton of fun. Even if you’re away from the beach this summer, there are most def some ways you can have fun with a game of volleyball too!

Try different park and rec centers in your area that offer teams you can play on. Or set-up a makeshift net in your backyard and toss the ball around with the kids in the neighborhood.

BLOG IT OUT! What are you up to this summer? What are you fave ways to fab up any ol' summer day? What are you most excited for? Which one of our 100 are YOU gonna try?


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