The Best Shampoo For You

Whether your hair is straight or curly, long or short, every gal faces similar hair problems. Flat hair? Check. Greasy roots? Got ‘em. Dull, dry hair? You bet. Stubborn dandruff? What a pain!

GL waded through the aisles upon aisles of shampoo to find the best ones for every hair type. You’ll ring in spring with gorgeous, healthy locks.
The best part? They’re all way affordable.

Just because you have thin hair doesn’t mean you can’t rock some major volume. Try an amplifying shampoo to strengthen your strands and add some major vah-voom!

A busy girl’s secret weapon to stop greasy hair? Dry shampoo! Grab a travel-sized bottle and throw it your purse for an on-the-go fix.

Winter can dry out even the healthiest hair, leaving strands dry and limp. Pump moisture into your locks this spring with a fortifying shampoo. Follow it up with a deep conditioner.

Any cute hairstyle (and um, any outfit) can be ruined by windfall of snowflakes. Relieve the itch and save your ‘do by washing your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo.

Unruly curls got you frustrated? All you gotta do is hydrate 'em with the right shampoo. Define, tame and eliminate frizz with a shampoo made especially for curly girlies!


by Melissa Harans | 2/1/2016