I ONLY have guy friends

I have always been the type that has mostly guy friends. I feel like I can’t fit in with girls because I feel them being mean or jealous towards me.

I do have a few girl friends but it's only to a certain level, not a deep good friendship. I don't know how to have a regular conversation with a girl. When I try to reach out they sometimes ignore me or don't treat me like a true friend. I can't open up and neither do they, what can I do?

Hey hon,

Friendship doesn’t have to be a battle of the sexes. There are benefits to having friends of both genders. Guys are fun to hang out with and usually tend to be less catty. But there are pluses to having girlfriends, too. After all, who’s going to have a spare tampon for ya during that time of the month?

Girl power

A good girlfriend will be there for you at times when a boy just won’t cut it—like when your BF breaks your heart or you want to drool all over R. Pattz and/or Taylor Lautner in the new Twilight movie. Not all girls are rude or jealous and those aren’t the kinds of girls you want to be friends with anyway.

Find a new hobby

The trick to finding fab friends—boys or girls—is to engage yourself in something that interests you. You’ll already have something in common, which is the foundation to great friendships. If you like soccer, you can join a co-ed team to get the best of both worlds. After practice, start a small convo with the girl who kicks amazing goals or hits really high notes. Ask her about her secret and you’ll be on your way to finding a great gal pal.

Take your time

Remember, it’s quality—not quantity—that counts when it comes to friendships with girls and boys. Friendships take time to develop and usually don’t happen overnight. As long as you’re comfortable being yourself, you’ll find a true friend who loves you as you are and that’s all the matters. You go, girl!

Lots of love,

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3/24/2010 7:00:00 AM
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