They say I look sad...but I'm NOT!

People say I look depressed all the time. Of course I'm not going to smile ALL the time but it's not like I NEVER smile! My parents told me that a few of my teachers reported I was looking sad. Even one of my guy friends was concerned.

I'm really not sad or anything, so I don't get it. What should I do to make people stop thinking I'm depressed all the time?

Hey Girl,

No one can smile or be happy all of the time—it would be a little too weird to have a perma-grin! But when those who love you are concerned, maybe a few tweaks do need to happen. The best way to resolve an issue is figuring out what's causing it.


You may not be depressed, but maybe you have something hanging over your shoulders, like a big test coming up, a fight with your bestie or a task you have been meaning to get to and haven’t had the time. Try recording your feelings in a journal every night before bed and write down all of those small things that may be bugging you. Letting it all out will help you relax AND help you see if you've got problems that might need fixing.

Sunshine and butterflies

Unfortunately, many people judge a book by its cover. If you ARE honestly happy and want your sunshiney self to shine through, try some of these tricks:

•    Wear bright colors—dark colors like black are gloomy, so try to add a little color to your closet
•    Put your hair up—it will show off your beautiful features, plus show off your sparkling eyes
•    Moisturize your face—a simple facial lotion will add some glow and life to your face
•    Get plenty of sleep—a good night’s rest will make you more alert and cheerful in the morning
•    Smile—of course you can't grin all the time, but try to show off those pearly whites as much as possible

No One’s Perfect

You may have a lot going on and keeping a smile on your face may be tough. Talk your feelings out with your parents or BFF when things are bugging you and don’t keep anything bottled inside. Your family and friends only show they are concerned because they care so be glad that they are there for you. Just keep your head up, and remember that a smile is always the best accessory.

-Olga B.

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3/29/2010 7:00:00 AM
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