A Day in the Life of a GL Intern: Not Just Fetching Coffee!

Pouring coffee for Assistant Editor, Trish McNamara...this pic was staged, we promise.

Hey chickies! My name is Lauren and I started interning at GL in January.  I’m a junior at Johns Hopkins University right now. I’m majoring in creative writing and film/media, so being able to work at a magazine is a dream come true! And just like all of you, I adored Girls' Life when I was growing up. The first thing I’d do each time my issue arrived is flip to the editor’s note (gotta love Karen!), then read each Dear Carol to see if any of them applied to me, then take the quiz! I still get excited when I hold an issue of GL in my hands.

First-hand experience

Even though I loved the mag so much, this is my third internship and I was little worried: I really wanted to be hands-on and actually do something, instead of just having to make coffee all day or dealing with mail and filing for an entire semester.  And, while there is plenty of mail to open and send, I was pleasantly surprised: on my very first day, my editor, Katie A., let me write two articles for the website! Since then, I have written tons of fashion, beauty, hair, health and exercise articles—I’m sure you’ve read some of ‘em.  I also mod every Wednesday and Friday morning (and Tuesday evenings) and I love being able to answer all of your tough questions! You guys are so great and it’s a total plus to be able to chat with you—it reminds all of us at GL why we do the work we do.

The upside

My favorite part about interning at Girls' Life? The opportunities, for sure. First off, we get really great perks: I got a free bottle of nail polish once…and we get killer discounts on great beauty products when we’re cleaning out our beauty closet. More importantly, after I had been here about a month, I was able to sit in at an editorial meeting. I was a little nervous, but I spoke up to share my thoughts and I even pitched an article idea to Karen! As we speak, I am writing an article that could actually appear IN THE MAGAZINE this summer.  I’ve only ever been published in print by a school newspaper before—so this is kind of a big deal.

We're not divas...we just pose like we are! Me and Senior Editor, Katie A., glamming it up.

The Downside

My least favorite part about GL? Doing research for fashion articles. Searching online shops to pick out cute necklaces, clutches, skirts and tanks for you all sounds like a walk in the park. The downside? I find SO MANY cool things for myself! I have a “To Buy” list that is as tall as I am!

But I guess somebody has got to do this difficult, difficult job…and I am glad that someone is me!


by Lauren Carney | 2/1/2016
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