Best Spring Beauty Products

Here at GL we have the oh-so tough job of testing out tonsa beauty booty. There’s been so many glam goodies coming our way lately, we simply HAD to share.

Here are our latest faves—you’re bound to find them hands-down amazing.

I have to admit: I was slightly freaked at the idea of frying my blemishes. BUT, this puppy doesn’t get super hot—it’s just a little warm. The next day, my spot was way less red and noticeably smaller. Ah, miracles.
Change your nail polish, like, every day? We hear ya. Mani-obsessed chicas will fall for Essence’s gorge hues and—even better—the way affordable price tag. Did we mention they are MINI? So cute.

Colour and Go Polish, $1,
Wear the same shadow 24/7? At least make sure it’s a chic shade! Benefit Cosmetics released a bunch of spring-y new colors. We’re crazy about this sparkly mauve.
Velvet Eyeshadow in Buckle Bunny, $18,
We were thrilled to get our mitts on this mango butter. It’s smells tropical, and is way hydrating (but not greasy). Plus, it’s a total bargain. Can’t beat that. 

Ooh, boy. Lancome’s new ‘n’ natural Juicy Tubes are soo pretty. The colors are airy, but still super shiny. Yep, it’s a gloss crush.
Juicy Tubes 100% Natural Origin, $18,


by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016