I can't stop sweating in school!

One of my school uniform require- ments is a white blouse. I always sweat through my shirt and get pit stains even though I wear antiperspirant deodor- ant. I have tried a couple different brands but none have worked. I'm embarrassed about raising my hand, and it is uncomfortable when I feel a wet spot under my arms. What can be done besides just using a normal deodorant?

Hey girly,
You’re definitely not alone on this one! Trust me, lots of people have a bit of trouble with pit stains and there are definitely ways to improve it.

Before we look into different options, let’s first see if we can switch up what you’ve been already doing. You said that you’ve been wearing antiperspirant deodorant. Unless your sweat smells, you could probably do away with the deodorant and stick with antiperspirant specific products. The thing is, deodorant and antiperspirant are NOT the same or necessarily one product. Just focus on what you really need because you’ll find that specific products work better than combinations of the two.

In addition, make sure that you’ve been applying antiperspirant on properly. Experts say that a thin layer of antiperspirant works way better than thick coats of it. And on top of that, you should always let it completely dry on your armpit before you wear your clothes. Make sure you’re following these simple tips!

The reason behind sweating? It’s to let out the heat our bodies feels. Whether it’s because we’re wearing too much clothes or just anxious, our body will let out more sweat when we’re heated. With this in mind, think about your daily routine. Is there a specific time you feel hot? Are you wearing a blouse that just might be better for the winter? Or are you not getting enough air in class? Try thinking about specific instances that you can avoid or change so that you don’t sweat as much.

These tips might not seem much, but with pit stains, it’s all about getting down to the bottom of the cause and preventing the sweat from starting up! So try out them out and see what happens…you won’t have to sweat a thing about pit stains soon!

Also, if you think that you are sweating an abnormal amount, talk to your doc about it during your next check up. He or she will be able to pinpoint the ‘cause and could even prescribe you some heavy-duty medication.

Good Luck!
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4/18/2010 7:00:00 AM