Mother's Day ideas from the cast of JONAS

Seeing that tomorrow’s Mother’s Day, the one day a year we can fully dedicate to our marvelous moms, we thought we’d let you in on a few Mother’s Day tips and tricks from some of our favorite mama’s boys and girls around!

Recently, we got to hang with Nick, Joe, Kevin and the rest of Disney Channel’s JONAS cast while they were filming for Disney's Friends For Change: Project Green (Year 2) in L.A. And from what they love most about their dear mothers to how they like to pamper their biggest fans on such a special day, we got the inside scoop on the ladies they call “Mom.” Check it out…

Joe Jonas believes a Mother’s Day must is sentimental gift giving. He told us one year, he bought his mom a “horrible” and “unoriginal” gift and shares that, when it comes to giving prezzies, especially to your mom, it’s the thought that counts. “I went to the mall and bought my mom this plaque that had this handwriting like somebody wrote on it. It was a nice note, but I definitely didn’t write it, so I wrote her a card, too, because I thought that was a little bit ridiculous. I bought something that wasn’t really sentimental.”

What’s Joe’s fave thing about his mom? “I know it sounds cheesy, but she’s always encouraged me to be true to who I was. She’s always told me to be myself.”

Chelsea Staub stresses about what to do for Mom on Mother’s Day. “All of how I feel about my parents has to be reflected on this one day!” she told us.

What’s Chelsea’s favorite thing to do with her mom? “We’ve gone out to tea, just sat outside and acted like we’re very proper. It’s fun to catch up. Usually, she tells me stories about her high school days that I’ve heard like 400 times.” If you’re feeling the heat to get the ultimate gift to show your love for Mom, just remember that spending quality time with her is one she’ll always heart.

What’s Kevin Jonas getting his mom for Mother’s Day? A vacation! Seeing that her sons are, oh, just heartthrob teen sensations, Kevin feels that his mom—and dad—deserve a break for putting up with their crazy schedules and keeping everyone together! “Just get them out of here,” he told us about his idea. “They need to have a good time and have fun. Moms and dads deserve to get out.”

Nicole Anderson believes a Mother’s Day gift should be something simple. “I think it’s easy to just kind of go and get your mom Bath and Body Works lotion or something. [That’s a] really obvious go-to present. It’s also hard because in your mind, at least for me, you’re like, ‘Oh, my parents have everything, what can I possibly get them?’ But there’s always something. If you don’t have enough money, make them something. I think they’ll appreciate that a lot more than you not doing anything.” No need to break the bank. Something that simply will remind Mom of you is perfect.

Nick Jonas gets crafty when it comes to his mom. “I think things that you make yourself are always pretty great and they mean a lot. It’s just nice to know that someone spent time on a gift for you.” You’ve heard it from Nick Jonas himself. The guy who could afford to get nearly anything for his beloved mom opts for simply making something  special. Awesome, right?

Whether you’re a top celeb starring on JONAS or just a normal teenage girl, Mother’s Day is all about the thoughts behind your presents and actions.

Be sure to catch JONAS L.A. (the new season of Disney’s hit show) when it premieres Sunday, June 20.

What do you have planned for your mom tomorrow? Blog about it, babes.


by Kate Durkee | 2/1/2016
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