My friend is different

I have a friend. She's different. She is a really good friend who keeps all my secrets, listens to me and is nice. But her difference is that she likes girls. I don’t really care. I like her as a good friend but not anymore than that. She doesn’t like me for sure cause we talk about crushes and other stuff. My other friend doesn’t like her and told the whole lunch table I was friends with her. Other people besides my two other friends think it’s weird that we get along. Is it wrong or weird being friends with her?

Hey there, girly! Sorry to hear that things are a tad confusing. At your age, being different (in any way) can be tough. But, I think you’re def handling everything maturely with a li’l wisdom beyond your years. I don’t think you’re wrong at all!

What does it mean to be a good friend?

Being friends doesn’t mean that you have to be the same or have the same opinions and interests. A good friend should be there for ya when you’re down, treat you with respect and accept you for Y-O-U. It sounds to me like your gal pal is a check, check and check! Like you said, if you know you can count on her and she can count on you, it doesn’t really matter if she’s a lesbian. A good friend is a good friend, no matter her sexuality.

It’s not bad to be different

So many teens today always try to fit in. But if everyone is the same, that can get pretty boring, right? Being unique and confident enough to rock your individuality are star-status qualities that sometimes go unnoticed. Sadly, being different means people will often tease and treat you differently. Your bestie’s really brave for daring to be different, and you’re brave for accepting that. Bravo to you both! If you find classmates judging either of you, you just have to be the bigger person and know they’re the ones who are wrong, NOT you.

Things you can do

If you and your bestie are close, she’s gonna get that you’re not into girls just like you’re OK with the fact that she is. You can try talking to her if you feel a li’l uncomfortable. Let her know that you totally accept her sexuality but just don’t feel the same way. I’m sure she’ll understand. And when you hear people saying rude things about her, stand up for your girl! She’s an awesome friend and deserves better than that!

Good luck!
Kristen Y. <3
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5/12/2010 7:00:00 AM