I need someone to talk to!

I want someone to talk to without it always being awkward. I have two amazing best friends, but I don’t have classes with them and they are always busy. I don’t talk much in class because I feel insecure. How can I talk to people and feel less awkward?

Hey girl,
Well first of all, don’t worry! They’re your best friends they’ll love you no matter what.

Start the Convo

So, though it’s definitely gonna be difficult at first you gotta put yourself out there. You can’t be scared. No one is going to judge you. Just start the conversation with a normal “Hey, what’s up?” Then if the conversation continues, ask about music, or movies, etc. Don’t be nervous or feel awkward. It’s okay! Go for it!

Your BFFs

Definitely don’t worry about feeling awkward around your BFs. They love you for who you are! You don’t need to be self conscious about sounding awkward around them. They are the last people to worry about. Just be your self. You’ll be fine, I promise.

Go for it girl, you got nothing to lose. You can do it! =]

Lauren R.


6/7/2010 1:05:00 PM